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My Favorite Jams // The Wellness Doer

I’m now in my third month of teaching Yoga and am loving every second of it, but what I didn’t realize is how much time goes into making a new playlist for class… and actually it’s kind of been a little obsessive for me. I have so much new music now I don’t know if I will ever listen to it all… I’m even thinking of ways to share my playlists on here on a regular basis. But for now I’m excited to take part of The Nectar Collective’s Creative Collective this month! The prompt was to make a playlist to share… well I’ve got that covered! What is the Creative Collective you might ask? Melyssa explains it best…

“The Creative Collective is a year-long community building, creative program (though you can jump in and join us at any time!). I’ve thought of 23 fun activities for us to do (roughly two/month), which are designed to help you exert creativity in all its forms — from writing and music to painting and even bartending, we’re going to get creative in the best ways! Just visit this post to read all of the year’s prompts. On the specified day, I will hold a link up here, on my blog, where you can share a blog post or photo related to YOUR project. Then, we can all peruse each other’s artwork and make new friends to fuel our creativity during 2014.”

Creative Collective Music Playlist // The Wellness Doer

So here is my playlist, it’s pretty much all the songs I’m listening to over and over again right now. I wish I could of made it so you could listen to the songs right here on the website but I just didn’t have the time but… I did manage to get my top 6 favorites for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

If There’s Time by ODEZSA
Come Down by Crooked Colours
Illuminate (ft. Amanda Roi) by LUUUL
Beautiful Light by Uppermost
By Your Side by Zeds Dead
The Greatest View (ft. Isabella Manfred) by Flume

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