My 90 Days of Shift: Day 1 – 9

California Coast Sunset via The Wellness Doer

So I’ve been staring at the computer screen for awhile now and I’ve also spent a handful of hours thinking about what I’m going to write about. This is my third time around doing the 90 Days of Shift. Are you familiar? If not please take the time to check it out… if there is anything you want to change in your life/yourself/relationship/whatever, the 90 Days is a simple method to apply to assist is making “shift” happen. The first time I started it I didn’t finish… the second time I completed all 90 days, but only put in… maybe… about 70% effort. And even with 70% effort I still experienced shifts in my life. Now with the third time around, I’m going all out… including blogging about my process.

The funny thing is is that I didn’t really want to share my process, I was asked to. Sharing about what comes up for me and shifts that I go through is hard, but I also know that other people experience the same and it’s nice to know that 1. I’m not alone and 2. That what I share can help others. I’ve known in the back of my mind that it would benefit others to share my experience, but the fear of being judged, or embarrassed or whatnot has always stopped me. But leave it up to Zachariah (he wrote the 90 Days) to ask me to write… and so it is… as he always likes to say. 🙂

So let’s rewind to new years day. New years eve had not gone as I expected so when I woke on the first day of the new year I was faced with a lot of confronting things about myself. First and the most obvious was that I had been expecting my NYE to go a certain way and when it didn’t… I broke down, big time. I woke up January 1st and affirmed to myself that I was no longer going to play victim to life’s circumstances… that I would shine light onto any thought that wanted to take it there and choose love over and over again. I committed to another round of the 90 Days and also had probably the longest meditation sit I have ever done in my life.

These are the goals/things I’d like to focus on that I have set for myself for the first 30 days:
– To be the best friend I can be.
– To treat everyone the same.
– To not speak negatively about others, including myself.
– To cleanse my body through healthy intentions and physical activity on a regular basis.
– To test drive a Subaru Outback.
– To do a handstand everyday for 30 days.

Fast forward to the present day. Since making the decision to shift it has been brought to my awareness the reasoning to why I start practices like these. I had realized that I started the 90 Days again because I thought I was lacking something, that I needed to figure something out… like I was missing something. But in all actuality I wasn’t. So I shifted my thoughts to continue this practice not because I was lacking something, but to come from a place of wholeness and to do the practice to be able to experience self-love, to continue my path of growth with ease and grace and to practice discipline. Once I switched to the positive, growth based thought I felt so much lighter. My motivation had shifted. I no longer felt like I was missing something.

So now with each day, and each practice I put into play… I look at it with child-like excitement. I am excited for what the day will bring. It’s not that I won’t experience low times (I’m sure you guys will read all about it), it’s just now I don’t feel incomplete. I can wake up, knowing I am complete, and be excited for what the day will bring (or more so what I can create my day to bring).

So what is YOUR reasoning behind your practices? Do you have a personal growth practice in place, maybe it’s a Yoga practice, a healthy eating practice… why do you do it? Ask yourself; are you coming from a place of lack, needing to do something in order to fix something, or are you practicing from a place of wholeness?

That’s where I’m at right now and loving (almost) every second of it. More to come… it is only day 9 on this 90 day journey. Love you guys. <3

To start your journey… check out the 90 Days of Shift.


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