My Favorite Music From Lightning in a Bottle

You know when you go to a concert or music performance and all you do for the weeks that follow is listen to your favorite songs from the show? That’s me. Although I’ve just been listening to the DJ’s I loved but whatever… it’s all the same. I’ve searched for some of my favorite artists on Soundcloud and brought them to you here. Maybe this music isn’t your jam, that’s okay, but I bet you might like something if you open yourself up to it.

There was no way I could put everybody on here. There was so many good performances. The Do Lab really puts a great line-up together every year. These are some of my favorite ones from the weekend, which just so happen to be the main performers but they rocked it:

The Polish Ambassador





Paper Diamond


Some of the folks above give their music away for free… just make sure to show your support by donating!!! If you didn’t like any of it… no worries, I still love you!

Much love, Elyssa