My Job Description as a Personal Trainer


This is for anybody that has worked with a personal trainer, is currently working with a personal trainer or is considering working with a personal trainer. This is to all of my clients. This is my understanding of what my job description is…

My job, as your personal trainer, is not to make you sweat. It is not to make you burn calories or to help you pick a salad over french fries. It is not my job to force protein shakes down your throat or work you so hard to the point of which you puke.

My job is to listen. You come to me and tell me what you would like to achieve and my job is to see you already having achieved it. If you want to lose 50 pounds –  I see you 50 pounds lighter. You want to run a marathon – I see you crossing the finish line. You want to deadlift 300 pounds, guess what – I see you lifting 300 pounds. Whatever it is, in realistic measures, I see you as already there, as already achieving it.

My job is then to guide you to the healthiest version of yourself. I can make suggestions, tell you to squat and do cardio. But it is you that puts on your running shoes. It’s you that takes the squat, it’s you that makes the choice whether to eat the salad or the fries.

See my point here is that my job is not what you think. I am merely a reflection of your healthiest self. And my promise to you is to always see you as that, so that even on the days you don’t want to put your running shoes on, or you end up eating the french fries, I’m still there encouraging you on because I know what the end result looks like. I get to see you as the greatest version of yourself.

You are your own personal trainer, my job is just to help you see it and that is the most rewarding job I could ask for. 🙂

Photo credit: Anna Marie Impullitti Photography

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