Feeling Lost May Be Exactly What You Need to Live


There is a point in our lives where we feel lost or like we need to “get our shit together”. It comes at different times for all of us, but nonetheless, we all think it or have someone say it to us.

As I was driving home the other day after spending some time with a girlfriend who’s trying to figure out with she’s doing with her life, I had a profound thought.

I had been giving my girlfriend advice, through my own experiences, as if I knew something more than she did in those moments. When, in all actuality, I don’t have my shit together anymore than she does. I may have a clearer path at times but by no means do I know what I’m doing with my life.

I realized though, I’d much rather spend my time on this planet figuring out what I’m supposed to do with my life than to sit at a job I can’t stand, follow the ‘American dream’, thinking I’ve got my shit together because I have the house, the car and the husband. If my life is filled with unexpected adventures, spontaneous experiences, meeting an array of interesting people and living moment to moment in search of purpose than so be it.

That is my purpose. My purpose is to live. Living IS the purpose.

I think we may be mislead into believing that having the house, the car and the story book life is having everything figured out. When in reality I feel like those people are more lost than anybody.

I’d rather not know what I will be doing in the next year, or next five years with my life. That way I am always pushing myself, growing and expanding myself. The idea of being able to look out over the future of my life and know that I would be pretty much doing the same thing for the rest of my life scares me, and I’m not saying that is a bad thing. Some people out there probably want that, but I have a feeling that most of us don’t. Having some uncertainty in our lives gives us the opportunity to become more aware individuals. We don’t get caught up in the wheel. We keep making our own path and we are less likely to be attached to outcomes.

To get there though, to get to that point of feeling lost or undirected so that we can find our path, we have to have the jobs we can’t stand, the house, the car, the husband/wife or whatever it is that is having us reevaluate what we are doing with our lives. Like blessings in disguise.

If your heart isn’t on fire with happiness about your life when you wake up each morning, then do something different. Anything. Do something until you find what does set your heart afire, and if sitting in cubical lights that fire for you, then great! Do that!

My point is, is to not get down on yourself about not knowing what you are doing or where you are going. Keep trying new things, keep looking for the beauty and the good and the love that is all around us. Keep telling people about what you love and why you love it. Keep being open to adventures and experiences that come your way. You never know where you will end up if you just keep your heart open and mind focused. Just keep doing what you love, even if that means after you come home from the office.

If you feel lost, just keep on going, you cannot find yourself if you were never lost in the first place. Sometimes feeling lost is exactly what we need to live.

And, if in the end, your idea of living doesn’t fit into everyone else’s normal and you are the one everyone said “get your shit together” to, but you lived a life of richness, fun and figuring shit out. Then I give a high five to you, because to me that is having your shit together.

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