New Moon Solar Eclipse: Think Positive Thoughts

Happy Sundays folks! Today is the full moon solar eclipse. This is a very important time. It is an intense time for change. With the strong masculine, solar energy circulating some of you may have notice or maybe have been experiencing short tempers, things feeling out of sync or maybe just feeling “off”. The new moon solar eclipse brings winds of change, so set new goals, write down intentions and positive affirmations. Be aware that with this time your thoughts and feelings will be magnified. Anything that is passing through that brain of yours will be amplified! So choose your thoughts carefully. Be mindful of what you think about, what you say and how you react to things and people. Avoid conflict, we don’t like it anyway, but now is a time to really put intentions of acting from a place of love. So before viewing the eclipse tonight (or ever if you don’t see it) sit and think some positive thoughts, set those positive, high powered intentions and allow yourself to be in a space of gratitude and love.

“Almost every indigenous culture honors and worships the Sun our source of life-light, heat, energy.  The very electro-magnetics of our Earth and our bodies are connected to the Sun, so when there is an interruption of that communication flow with an eclipse situation, a brief opportunity for a reset of our entire system is experienced.  Upgrades take place, frequencies shift, the past is easily shed; we can step rapidly through to the other side newly unencumbered.  A completion and a new beginning simultaneously unfold.” – Patricia Liles

We don’t have to wait for a solar eclipse to set goals and good intentions. We should be doing it everyday. The power of the eclipse tonight will definitely give us an extra boost but setting goals, intentions and creating positive thoughts can be done anytime. That’s what I have been working on lately. When I notice negative thoughts or negative self-talk I quickly turn it around and make it into a positive one. I don’t want to feel like shit, who does, so if we are responsible for our own realities, then it is my thoughts that create it. So I’m going to absorb that energy tonight from the moon and set my intentions, send out positive thoughts filled with love and gratitude and I hope all of you will join me and do the same.

Happy moon/solar eclipse gazing!!!

Question to ask yourself: Where else in my life can I express love and gratitude towards that I may have over looked? Examples… how about the farmers, or truck drivers, mail service, the internet? There are so many things we take for granted, look for those things and send out gratitude.

Thanks for reading. Much love,