Noticing the Unnoticed

I noticed random things yesterday that put a smile on my face. Allow me to share…

1. The old woman in the ladies locker room who was applying her make-up at the vanity with just her top on. She was completely naked from the waist down.

2. Another petite woman sitting cross-legged in a chair in the locker room who was meditating – in only a towel. Also given that it was a slightly over sized chair made it even more adorable.

3. The truck that I was driving behind had it’s bed full of purple flowers. As if it were a mobile garden. Then to top it off as I passed the truck I noticed the writing on the side of the truck… it was for a landscaping company, the name? “PRO EARTH”

4. How about the four young boys dressed up in suits pretending to be super heros at the coffee shop… so cute I nearly died.

5. And a woman driver let a produce truck turn in front of her even through she had the right-away.

When it came to mind that I was noticing these small things I started to ask myself the question of  how many small things go unnoticed due to people not being present? And… if I had not been living my life with the propose of being more present would have I even noticed any of those incidents? Then once I became present to just being in the inquiry of what goes unseen I felt I became even more present to the world around me. Noticing things like the random bunch of wild flowers growing up through the cracks of the side walk. A man walking his dog who picked up a couple pieces of trash off the ground and threw them in the garbage. Or just the simple fact of how much greener the trees looked. When we become aware life becomes so much more rich and fulfilling. All you have to do is notice…