4 Tips for Performing Better

I attend the 3-Day Perform Better Fitness Conference in Long Beach every year. Last year I posted: Who is it Really About? That post was more so my little jab at personal trainers… I know, I know, I’m a personal trainer but somebody had to say it.

Well this year there is no jabs. Just a couple things that seemed to be mentioned quite a bit that can help us all perform better. performing better, performing better

1. Straighten yourself out.
No matter how much you workout if your body is not in proper alignment your body can not function at it’s full capacity. Doing a push-up in bad form may give you nice pecs for a short time but you’ll be wrecking your shoulders and headed towards an injury and nobody wants that. So get an alignment evaluation and talk to someone who can set you up with a workout plan that will give you the results you want and correct your posture.

2. It’s not that complicated.
You should of seen it… a couple hundred trainers sprawled out on the floor doing movements a two year does on a daily basis. These big complex movements we see trainers doing, or on the Cross-Fit games or even in a magazine isn’t always what our bodies need. Start with the basics. Pushing, pulling, rolling, squatting… you should be able to get down on the ground and back up again with ease… if you can’t do that, you probably shouldn’t be throwing heavy weight around.

3. We already know it.
Going back to the two year old. All of our basic movement patterns we need to excel as an adult we did as a child… and then, through life’s conditioning, we forgot how to move properly. We allowed stress to creep in and our everyday lifestyle to effect our posture and movements. If you have kids… watch how they move. A toddler will do a perfect squat to pick something up off the ground. Shoulders are back, head in alignment. So now as adult, don’t tell yourself you don’t know how to move properly or that you “can’t do it”… just understand that you forgot and you just have to get back to the basics. Your body will remember… trust me.

4. Yogis really know what they are talking about.
It seemed to be a theme at the conference about alignment in Yoga. A lot of the presenters referenced different Yoga postures and the alignment that is taught in order to have efficient alignment. It was really great to here Yoga get credit from strength and conditioning coaches. One of my favorite presenters from the weekend, Kelly Starrett, taught about shoulder disfunction and how to correct it. He referenced Yoga so many times, I wish I would of counted. My point is is that Yoga teaches good posture… if you have never done Yoga before find yourself a class and give it a whirl. Pay attention to the alignment cues, you can apply those to your workouts.

In conclusion, besides a handful of new exercises I learned, it seemed the point everyone was getting across is that we have to start with the basics. We have to get back to proper alignment and be able to move efficiently in basic movements before doing anything else.

So what can you do? I’ve added some video links below to help you gather more information. You can also find a trainer and ask them a few questions, get a posture assessment done and go from there. Attend a Yoga class or at least watch a video. I can’t help everyone on a one-on-one basis but I can give you this information so you have something to start with.

I want everyone to feel good and move well. You can always email me if you have any questions.

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