PetBox Delivery & an Intro to Sadie and Griffin

The Wellness Doer

I’ve always grown up with pets. When I was a kid we had it all… cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, hamsters, mice and a rat, a ferret, turtles, fish, frogs and even a potbelly pig named Chops. I remember bragging to my friends about how many pets my family had but them would whine and complain when I’d have to clean up after them. Having pets is a lot of work… so now I just stick to dogs.

I adopted Sadie and Griffin 8 years ago when they will still pups and they have been my best friends ever since. They literally have become like little people in a since. I talk (and so does all of my friends) as if they are people. They travel well and are mostly well behaved. They do all sorts of road trips with me and supply hours of entertainment.

Sadie, or as we like to call her, Sadie Bear… mostly because she is furry like a bear and has a bit of a bear lip. She’s a Australian Shepherd mix. She’s the more dominate one. She likes to be the center of attention will proudly walk into most situations. She’s also rebellious and will test you to see if you are serious when you ask her to do something. She’s super quick and can jump super high, but tires out really quick. I’m also convinced that she’ll keep eating if food was constantly put in front of her. She also is a flirt. Any guy (or girl for that matter) that gives her the slightest bit of attention, she will instantly roll on her back and flop open her legs. You’ve got to understand though… as cute as that is, she has the most softest ears and cutest face and most people want to scratch her head, not be shown the crotch. Same names she has picked up over the years: sadie bear, fuzz face, crazy sadie, fuzz, gnaws on paws, phat, sadie phat, bear, bear face, licks-her-own-crotch (she went through a faze where she licked herself a lot), pretty face, munchkin, and sadie love and probably so many more that I can’t think of at the moment.

Griffin on the other hand, is shy, gentle, timid and a bit of a scaredy cat. You don’t have to ask more than once for him to do something. He’s kinda like a cat… meaning he’ll rub himself on your leg just like a cat would. He’s a mix between a Golden Retriever and Lab, so natural he loves the water. He’s been known to jump into my parents pool whens it’s in the 40’s. Maybe not the smartest of dogs but he’s a lover. Unlike Sadie, Griffin can’t run very fast or jump very high, but he can go for days. He will hike up a mountain with us and be ready to go again when we are back on the bottom… Sadie… well she barely makes it roundtrip. Some names Griffin has picked up over the years: Griff, G, G-money, griff star, g-star, handsome, dick, barks-from-the-corner, flops-into-cuddle, and so many more.

Recently The Wellness Doer got hooked up with a sponsorship with Pet Box. Pet Box allows you to pick what you want in your boxes and ships them to you each month, unlike some of the other companies that “surprise” you with what’s in your box. Pet Box provides you wit the freedom to choose what would be best for your dog or cat. And make sure to stay tuned, they will also be giving away a year’s subscription for free via the blog!

Sadie and Griffin received their first Pet Box this week. Like little children at Christmas time, they gathered at my feet to investigate the package. The process went a little something like this:

The Wellness Doer

Me: Look guys… you’ve got your first Pet Box!

Sadie: We got what?

Griffin: Pet Box!? What’s that? Let me see!

Sadie: Nooo…. let ME see!

Me: Do you guys want me to open it?

Sadie & Griffin: OPEN OPEN OPEN!

The Wellness Doer The Wellness Doer


Sadie: What is this stuff!!!

Griffin: I like the paper.

Sadie: TOY!!!!

The Wellness Doer

Griffin: Can I… Can I have the paper?

Me: Do you guys want to try a cookie?

Sadie: Duh Mom. Mom… look at my cute adorable face, don’t you want to give me more cookies?

The Wellness Doer

Griffin: I like the paper, I want to chew on the paper.

Me: OK Griffin, do you want to check out the paper from the poop bags?

Griffin: I’ll take it!

The Wellness Doer

Griffin: I like the paper!

Sadie: Mom, I like this box, look how cute I look, take a picture.

The Wellness Doer

A new toy, two bags of cookies and poop bags for days (and of course paper for Griffin), the dogs couldn’t be happier! As a side note, Griffin managed to already pull the head off the toy (less than 24 hours), which is why I’m excited to get a new one very month since toys don’t last long around these parts. Anyhow… happy dogs = a happy owner.

Stuff to expect: a Year’s Subscription to PetBox for FREE, blog posts related to your health and your pet, how to do a road trip with your furry friend and as of right now you can use the code “WELLNESSDOER” at to receive 20% off your order!

I’m sure Sadie and Griffin will be putting in their two cents as well along the way. Thanks for reading!

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