Practicing Self-Love: My 90 Days of Shift 10-17

The Practice of Self-Love // The Wellness Doer

When you are going through the 90 days it may not seem like much is happening… well… for me at least it doesn’t feel like much is happening until I looked back on my last two weeks of the shift. In my last post I shared how I had the realization that I was approaching my practice from a place of lack and with that new understanding was able to turn it around and approach it from a place of wholeness. Now, sitting here at a coffee shop, as I look back I realize that a ton of shifts have happened. Such as little tweaks in my diet, the people that have come into my life, changes at work, relationship adjustments and personal awareness… all in favor of what I’m looking to create for myself… or what I’m needing.

Even with all these things happening, I think my biggest realization this past week was the importance of self-love. Coming from a person who takes care of their health, meditates, practices Yoga, lives with dogs (it adds years to your life, true story), and pretty much has a positive outlook on life, it would seem that I have self-love handled.

There is always room to grow.

Just the simple thought of “I don’t get it” or “this is hard” is not coming from a place of self-love. I realized that these are two dominate thoughts in my head that I tell myself about many things. Everything from my relationship with Jonathan to work to creating my own business to sometimes deciding what I want to do on my day off.

By repeating these thoughts to myself only embeds them more deeply into my reality. Wait… what…?! I’m creating that things are hard and that I don’t get it. That is not an act of self-love. But the beauty of awakening is that once you know, you can not know. So if I continue to tell myself those thoughts… it’s by choice, and I cannot blame anything or anybody outside of myself if shit sucks. To change that I just notice the thought (meditation helps this) and turn it around to a positive, self-loving one… “I do get it”, “this is easy”… you get the idea.

I shared last time that one intention I was setting is to not speak negatively about others or myself. I know see the importance of this even greater now. We are our biggest critics, we judge ourselves more than anybody else, we are the hardest on ourselves. To implement a self-love practice would heal all of that.

We would be a bunch of happy people walking around telling ourselves we are worthy of that dream job, or that trip around the world. We would look at ourselves in the mirror and see beauty and individuality. We would believe we are enough and perfect as is… and with all of that we would attract that dream job, that trip around the world, beauty and other happy people. And our cups would be overflowing with joy because they were already full to begin with.

Here’s to loving yourself! 🙂

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