Road Trip Day 1: Late Start and Cupcakes


So we ended up having a later start from San Diego than planned, but once we hit the road we made it only to Long Beach. We stopped in Laguna Beach for some dinner and stumbled upon Casey’s Cupcakes or I guess I can say that is just where there happen to be parking and… yes… you know what had to happen. We ate dessert first… This place was amazing. I have a feeling that more cupcake sampling will be happening on this trip, Don’t judge, it’s my vacation. 🙂

After we roamed around for a bit we decided to eat at “Hapi Sushi” and the sushi chef was just that… Happy. It reminded me of a little cafe in Thailand except it was a tiny little sushi bar. I didn’t take a photo unfortunately but the bathroom had a painting of two Japanese men holding toilet paper – I made up that they were fighting over it but since it was at Hapi sushi they had smiles on their faces… totally random. Sushi was super yummy. I wanted to squeeze the chef he was so cute.

After devouring two rolls, soup and a hapi salad we left just in time to catch the very last bit of the sunset… or at least an opportunity for a nice photo. The dogs seem to be waiting to be going back home. Griffin didn’t pee all day until the very end. I feel compelled to write “the puppy diaries” – writings about the adventure through dog eyes. May be a lot of work though, but completely funny. We’ll see.

Tomorrow we head to L.A. for breakfast at Hugo’s!!!! So good. More on this place tomorrow. It’s a must if ever in Hollywood. Then Santa Monica and of course Venice, can’t miss the crazies… then to Santa Barbara. So all in all the first day didn’t go quite as planned but I decided to let go of any attachment on how this trip should turn out and completely go with the flow… I don’t want to have any expectations. There is a lot of road a head of me and at this point anything can happen so I’m focused on staying present and enjoying every inch, crevice, morsel, and minute of this trip…

So nothing to crazy and fascinating yet, but soon… very soon… be love.