Road Trip Day 11: Finding Myself


Dear San Francisco, I love you dearly and will live there someday. But for now I must go…

Every time I come to SF I find myself saying “I love this city, I want to live here”. And I give myself all the lame same excuses… “it’s too cold, personal training is not as good, it’s hard to have dogs, blah blah blah” whatever… I’m over giving excuses for the things I want most in life. I’m blessed enough in the career that I chose to be able to do it anywhere. My heart is in traveling… right now I want to travel the world more than anything. I want to submerge myself in cultures, learn languages, explore cities and everything else. I had a wonderful woman say to me “everything you want most in life is just out of your comfort zone”. And it’s so true… what we truly want most and what our hearts desire is always just over that line of comport… and why? We fear the unknown. Our minds get wrapped around the knowing and have to know bulls#@t. Fear holds us back from doing the things we really want and because that fear is there and we can’t face it we make excuses. Some excuses may be worthy but all in all an excuse is an excuse is an excuse. And I’m sick of making them.

So I’m planning some travel. Most likely at the end of the year but as crazy and blessed as my life is (and yours too if you chose to see it that way) who knows what could happen. I’ve just put it out there… there’s no going back on my words now. As the fears arise and the excuses start to pour into my head (which they already are) I will remind myself of what I’m committed to. And what is it exactly that I’m committed to – To live a fulfilling and happy life and to inspire others to do the same. If I am any kind of trainer or wellness coach I would have to practice what I preach right… so there for I must follow my dreams as well. So more on my travel plans later.

Back to the road trip… which ends tomorrow… or maybe not… ??? San Francisco gave me a proper SF day with the most amazing sunny skies, good food, good people, beach time, exploring adventure and all around good time. Tomorrow the dogs and I drive 7 hours back to San Diego… and back to kick’n people’s butts and changing lives!!! Oh… I found a new “must visit if ever in SF” Mission Beach Cafe in the Mission… RIDICULOUSLY GOOD, not to mention the staff is amazing. My cousin and I shared lavender infused french toast and huevos with pulled pork. And yes, yes… my eating has been off but I’m back to my healthy ways once I get back home… 🙂 Life is Good. x



Oh… and someone who I hold very close to my heart said this to me – “Everything you want is within reach, and just waiting for you to claim it. Any fears that stand in your way of your dreams you’ll face and then just brush them aside. Any person or any words that don’t support your dreams, you will just ignore. Any adversity that comes your way, you will find a way to battle through, you’ll learn and grow from it coming out the other side stronger than ever.” And now I pass those words on to you. Get out there and make shit happen people!!!