Road Trip Day 2: Doing the Tourist Thing


I sit at the Venice Beach Whole Foods at the corner of Rose and Lincoln sipping a yerba matte latte (simple pleasure #70) and looking for a place to stay tonight. Still in L.A. obviously, but we managed to see L.A. in one day that may take some people a whole weekend. Side note – this Whole Foods is massive! I could easily spend hours here just so I get hungry again. Anyhow… like I said in last night’s post, we were going to start our day off with breakfast at Hugo’s in West Hollywood and we did just that.

I was excited to see they had a matcha green tea latte (simple pleasure #3) made with rice milk on the menu and ordered that right off the bat. I then ordered gluten free vegan almond energy pancakes!!!! Oh my goodness… heaven. Jonny ordered a “Go Green Frittata made with egg whites, chard, beet greens, kale, spinach puree, broccolini, zucchini, asparagus, quinoa, garlic and extra virgin olive oil. Topped with alfalfa sprouts and an apple-mango-mint sauce. YUM!

After breakfast we headed to Hollywood to see the Hollywood sign. We started to roam and ended up at the Griffith Observatory – the views were absolutely amazing. My little phone camera didn’t do it justice. The dogs were a freak’n hit. Sadie and her cute little ladybug bows were stealing all the attention from the Hollywood sign. We managed to capture a couple shots with just the dogs and the sign… pretty funny, but they are on my other camera.

After a few hours of exploring the hills of Hollywood we had to make a stop at the Hollywood Walk a Fame. Given Jonny has never been to L.A. it was a must stop. I managed to capture a shot of my feet in Adam Sandlers shoe prints but again… on my other camera. I don’t see what the big fuss is about that part of town. It’s dirty, stinky, and everybody wants to make a buck off ya. Anyhow it quickly got old and we left to head to Beverly Hills… walked Rodeo Drive for a bit and passed a cupcake spot. Yep… we stopped, shared a “half baked” cupcake that was chocolate vanilla swirl with swirl frosting and bits of brownie and cookie on top. They just keep getting better and better… here’s a funny story for ya… as we were eating the cupcake a bum walked by asking for spare change, we said sorry we didn’t have any but offered the rest of the cupcake. Do you know what his response was? “No thanks, too much sugar.” So funny. I may have to tone down the cupcake consumption myself OR write a book about different cupcakes spots up the coast of California… hmmm…

After a roll in the grass with the pups, a picture with the Beverly Hills sign and a drive through the streets awing at the beautiful houses we headed to Santa Monica. We let the dogs off the leashes and had them run around in the sand… talk about happy dogs. They have been so good so far on this trip, can’t wait to get them to the Redwoods and hike around.

Change of scenes… now I sit in Hostel California. $35 bucks each!!! Score… I do have to say that that is one thing I love about traveling… you really can do it on a budget. It may not be a five star but it’s clean, has a shower, and is cheap as hell. So if you have dreams to travel and you tell yourself “someday, when I have money” – call bulls@#t on yourself… and plan something now. No sense in waiting.

Finally going to head north tomorrow. Starting with a fresh veggie juice in the morning for breakfast, a stop off at Venice and the Santa Monica farmers market (apparently one of the best in the country) we will head to Santa Barbara. Whoo Hoo!!!

Thanks for reading!