Road Trip Day 3: Luxury in Santa Barbara


Good-bye L.A. I always feel a sense of relief leaving L.A. As if the mer fact of just being there stresses me out. But… I have never done the tourist thing, so I am grateful for having that opportunity. We did manage to start the day off with some fresh vegetable juice and then to counter act all that healthy-ness we ate at the Omelette Parlor in Santa Monica. Just some good ol’ fashioned breakfast food. We hit up the farmers market and I have to say that it has nothing on the farmers market in Hillcrest in San Diego… nothing! We walked the dogs down Santa Monica pier and had this cute asian couple do a photo shoot with them (the dogs). We got it on video… cute and hilarious all at the same time. No L.A. trip would be complete without a walk down Venice Boardwalk and those of you that have been there know exactly way.

I started to realize how attached I really was to how this trip should go. Jonny made arrangements to meet some friends in Malibu in Paradise Cove for 2:00… which means we weren’t getting to Santa Barbara until, at the soonest, 4:00. I was kind of hoping we were going to be in Santa Barbara this morning! But alas I caught myself in that attached frame of mind and quickly snapped out of it. Reminding myself of my commitment to just go with the flow… it’s truly amazing when you start to see your thoughts as separate from who really are and be able to choose the good ones, the ones that serve ourselves and others. And you know what else I realized??! How hard it is to travel with freak’n dogs! For such a dog friendly culture we aren’t aloud to do much with them… but the pups did get to walk on the Santa Monica Pier and the boardwalk of Venice. They got to witness all the crazy’s showcasing their skills. They even got to see the man working out at Muscle Beach with such a tiny green speedo on. Then get to stay in a five star hotel… Lucky puppies.

After a great lunch chatting with two awesome people (new friends for me) in Malibu we finally headed to Santa Barbara. I have a client who’s family lives in SB and he happened to be in town. We meet for dinner and let’s just say he took really good care of us. He put us up at a hotel by the beach (that allows dogs) and now Griffin has a whole couch to himself.

I’ve have only been gone 2 and half days and it feels like forever. It’s been such a great experience thus far, can’t wait to see what lies ahead. No cupcakes today – thank goodness. Don’t think I could of had one today, but this has turned into a “sampling of the foods” trip. I might as well just become a food critic and write about all the different places I eat. I guess that’s a bonus to working out 6 days a week. 🙂

Anyhow…  San Luis Obispo and Big Sur are up next… sooooooo excited!!!!!!