Road Trip Day 4: Change of Plans


So it’s a good thing I let go of any attachment I had to this trip yesterday because it is now going nothing like I had planned. After an awesome Easter brunch buffet with a view of the ocean we filled up on gas and food with excitement for camping in Big Sur. The drive from Santa Barbara to San Luis Obispo was painted with yellow and purple wild flowers and huge patches of rich green vegetable starts and rolling green hills set the backdrop. We stopped at Pismo Beach for a second to let the dogs run around and then headed into San Luis… when we got to town my intuition told me to go to the tourist info office and ask about hwy 1 closures. Sure enough… a huge land slide has hwy 1 closed at the excat spot we wanted to camp at in Big Sur. The girl helping us said that if we drove up we would have to turn around and come all the way back down to get to San Francisco. There was no other way to get around it. So our only other choice was to drive up the 101. Not as beautiful, but in hopes to make us feel better the girl looked up weather and told us that the weather in Big Sur was crappy and looked like it was supposed to rain. After talking to her for a bit it sounds like old hwy 1 might not last much longer. You know… that whole california falling into the ocean thing…

Anyhow now I write this in the car while on the 101. No ocean views just rolling hills of green and… hold on let me look… and cows. That’s pretty much it. We are working our way to Monterey in hopes to camp at the Veterans Memorial Park Campgrounds. More on how that goes later.

So up to this point what could we say that are must go to places to eat. If you visit any of these following cities you have to try these restaurants. Our top three thus far:
1. Hugo’s Cafe – West Hollywood
2.  Cadiz – Santa Barbara
3. Omelette Parlor – Santa Monica

OK… scene two. We made it to the campsite in Monterey and set up as quickly as we could before it got dark. We let the dogs off the leash. I never realized how much I am a stresser when it comes to my dogs and their well being. I had to let go and practice being trusting that my dogs stay close… and they did. I feel like an over worried mother with her two kids. This trip is unveiling a few things that have put me in check and is testing my boundaries of growth. To be able to step back and look how I am being in a certain situation and then choose consciously to change that way of being is huge! It has saved me from many frustrations and annoyances. Then again if I am frustrated and annoyed with something it’s a good sign that I’m attached right? So there I go… it’s just a case of letting go of that attachment.

Moving on… Are plan is for San Francisco by the end of the day tomorrow. But first we visit Carmel by the Sea and Monterey, then Santa Cruz and San Jose. More adventures to come… x