Road Trip Day 6: Food, Food, and More Food


Every time I come to San Francisco I pretty much have to give up any way of “healthy eating” I might have. There are just way too many good places to eat here. Besides the normal sight seeing with Jonny and the dogs we ate a ton of food. I’m going to keep this post short but let me give you a quick breakdown on some of my favorite places in San Fran… and keep in mind that I have way too many to list – these are the ones we hit today.

Cafe Sapore: My favorite – the Tri Colore Bagel. Cream cheese, tomato, fresh basil, olive oil, and some yummy herbs.
Cafe Gratitude: I ordered the “I am extraordinary” which was the vegan version of the BLT. So delish! I followed it with an “I am grace” which was a coconut, date and vanilla bean smoothie. Perfection.
Four Barrel Coffee: This place is just f@&king cool. You’ll have to go there and experience it yourself. Totally rad.
Kate’s Cupcakes: For your sweet tooth. I love their filled cupcakes. A sweet little surprise in the center. The cake is super most as well. I love the chocolate raspberry.
Yamo: A Burmese Kitchen little hole in the wall place my friend introduced me to in the Mission. All it was was 3 ladies cooking up food for a place that maybe sat 12 people. It was bar seating and very small… it even had a line and apparently was very well liked.

Other than that we explored this amazing city. I am going to live here one day. Till then I’m just a visitor… tomorrow we head north into the Redwoods. Going to drive the “Avenue of Giants” – if you have not done this yet you should add it to your bucket list. It is a sight to see.

If you have been to San Francisco please leave a comment below and tell me where your favorite restaurant is or your favorite thing to do. I would love to hear about it!!!

Love ya!!!