Road Trip Day 7: At the Edge of the Earth


Ahhhh where to start on this fabulous day? Well I can say it started in San Francisco with me waking up remembering I needed to move my car for street cleaning – then driving around the block a few times half awake to find a spot. Everything else that followed in the day just got more and more wondrous with time. We ate breakfast at Squat & Gobble, which I have eaten at several times now. I somehow always end up eating an omelette but have never been disappointed. I ordered the “Lower Haight” which is filled with steamed veggies, cheese and pesto… yummy.

On our way out of SF we drove through Golden Gate Park and toured through the botanical gardens and the Japanese gardens – neither of which allowed dogs. So the puppies had to sit in the car. If you have never been to either of those places in the park (and you like nature and plants and stuff) I highly recommend checking them out. After we drove to the end of the park which kicks you out at the beach. The beach is called Ocean Beach and they allow dogs off the leash… so as you can imagine… puppies running wild.

Every time I cross over the Golden Gate Bridge it still puts me in awe… never thought I’d love a bridge so much. We hoped and took a little detour to Muir Woods – freak’n cool!!! I love the Redwoods and I love the idea of having the opportunity to explore and see these enormous trees… but it was unfortunate that the path was a wooden boardwalk that guided you around. It did not quite feel as if I was in the forest. I can’t wait to drive the avenue of giants tomorrow and actually be able to park and walk into the woods and roam around – no other people, strollers, cafes. Just me and trees.

OK… so now… we didn’t get to drive the coast through Big Sur but the drive on the 1 from Muir Woods to where we are now as I write this (which is a small town called Gualala) gave me insight to what Big Sur might have ben like. We were pretty much at the edge of the earth the whole drive. We also just kept driving up and up getting higher and higher. Every turn was another gorgeous sight all picture worthy. It was unbelievable, unlike anything I’ve ever seen – and in my trying to explain it in all it’s glory and wonder I could never do it justice. It is something that you truly must experience for yourself before you die.

It felt like we drove forever today and we are still 5 1/2 hours away from Oregon (on hwy 1)! We stopped to rest in a town called Gualala and as we pulled into town, on the right side of the road was a yellow house called the Gualala Country Inn which had a sign outside that read “pets welcome”. We were planning on camping but the thought of setting up camp with only a little bit of sunlight left was not appealing. Jonny went in and asked for rates and ended up getting a great price for a room that had a Jacuzzi!!! It also faced the ocean – and I don’t mean just a sliver of ocean – I mean that it’s right across the street! They only charged us $10 for both dogs and we get free breakfast… talk about traveling luxury.

And that’s where I end this day. Any absolutely amazing day. Every moment of this trip was exactly why I did the trip but today, today was the icing on the cake and there is still so much more to go. I am truly grateful for having this opportunity and for all the people in my life that support my adventures. Lovin’ life… x