Road Trip Day 8 & 9: Lost Touch

April-28-2011 & April-29-2011

I lost touch for a second. My computer was dead and my phone didn’t have much connection. From Gualala we drove the coast to Crescent City, again, breath taking views. I have driven the 101 up to Oregon before so driving through the redwoods was familiar but there is something about those trees that makes me feel so at home and peaceful. Yes… I had to hug one… or two. We had to do the tourist thing and drive through the “Drive Through Tree” and I have to say it was pretty cool driving my car through a tree that was 2400 years old!!!!!!! Can you imagine what that tree has seen!? Amazing. We also drove through the Avenue of Giants which is an the old highway road that takes you through massive Redwoods groves. We stopped at one point and ran through the trees and ferns with the dogs as if we were little kids… lovin’ life.


We made it to Crescent City with an hour or so of daylight and set up camp at a favorite campsite of mine… couldn’t tell you the name of it, I just know it by sight. I failed to get a fire started but it began to rain anyway so we called it an early night. Griffin was chilly and joined me under the covers. Soiled dog. Rain, rain, rain… that’s all it did last night… but my tent held up strong. Morning came and cleared up just a bit for us to pack up and hit the road.


We drove the 101 on the coast of Oregon, my first time driving the the oregon coast, and stopped off at a visitor center in Port Orford to grab some info. We wanted to snap a couple photos of the coast as we driving but it had been raining the whole drive thus far but it seemed that the universe knew what we were wanting and cleared up just enough to snap a couple shots and climb up onto, what felt like, an island. Totally freak’n rad… if you do that drive – stop at the visitor center in Port Orford – you’ll know what I’m talking about.


We cut across at hwy 38 to get to Eugene… and I’ve got to say… AWESOME!!! It takes you through forest all along side the Smith River… so cool. We arrived in Eugene thinking it would be a piece of cake to find somewhere to stay… nope, not when they are having the Eugene Marathon the next day. But alas we worked our magic and found an awesome room right on the river that allowed dogs for cheap… damn we are good. So my last two days end there… in a hotel room at the Valley River Inn in Eugene Oregon… and my trip north ends here. I leave Jonny  in the morning (he’s headed to Canada) and the dogs and I make our way back home, not without out one more stop in San Francisco first though…