Road Trip Essentials

Road Trip Essentials // The Wellness Doer

It’s that time… Road trip time! I’ve been craving some adventure and the time has finally come. I leave for a week long road trip tomorrow with my best friend and my two dogs Sadie and Griffin. We’re headed to Bryce National Park, Antelope Canyon, the Grand Canyon, Sedona, then Tempe so I can get a couple of hours of tattoo work done on my back and then back to San Diego. About 1,700 miles and 21 hours of drive time. We don’t really have a plan beyond that. So it’s going to be a super spontaneous trip. We’ve researched where dogs allowed and are ready to hit the road!

This isn’t my first rodeo nor is it the dogs. I feel I have finally got all the things I need down to one plastic bin. I like being able to fit everything in one bin so it’s easier to transport. The list below is what I have found works best for me, some people may prefer less, some may prefer more, but when you are in a car you can get away with a little more things that if you were just backpacking.

This is my list road trip essentials:

– Coleman All Weather 4 Person Tent (best tent ever) + a Tarp for underneath
– 2 REI Collapsable Chairs (cup holders included)
– Coleman Gas Stove
– 5 Gallon Water Jug
– 1 Large Lantern, 1 Small Lantern and a Head Lamp
– My Dad’s GoPro Camera (oh yea… I’m excited for this)
– Extra Large Quick Drying Travel Towel
– REI Brand Cooking Pans (super light and stack easily to fit into a small space)
– GSI Outdoors Ultra Light Tea Kettle (and when they say extra light, they mean extra light)
– MSR Alpine Plates and Bowls
– 2 Plastic Drinking Cups
– Ipod Music Player
– Hammer (you know… for hammering stuff)
– First Aid Kit and a Tick Removal Tool (with the dogs this comes in handy)
– 1 Dozen Egg Crate (ok seriously… what’s better than bacon and eggs while camping?)
– Measuring Cup, Knife, Scissors, Wooden Spoon, Mini Cutting Board (not pictured), Lighter, Bottle Opener, Can Opener (not pictured), Spatula, and my own personal set of travel eating utensils from Sea to Summit
– Trash Bags, Sandwich Baggies (you never know when you will need to bag something up), Candle to keep the bugs away, extra roll of T.P. (better safe than sorry) and Batteries for the lanterns
– 2 Collapsable Dog Food Dishes, 1 Collapsable Dog Water Bowl (not pictured)
– Sleeping Bag, Pillow, Yoga Mat, Extra Blankets, and a Beach Towel (all not pictured)
– Camera and Computer
– Playlists (what’s a road trip with a grand music line up?)
– And a Partridge in a Pear Tree

As far as clothes go I try to keep it minimal. A pair of jeans, leggings, and a pair of “outdoorsy” pants, hiking shoes, flip flops, socks, 2 tanks, 2 t-shirts, long sleeve, wind breaker jacket with a nice hood, and a big jacket, scarf, gloves, and a beanie (supposedly it’s supposed to be cold).

For the dogs I just make sure I have enough food for the length of the trip, food bowls, poop bags, blankets, water at all times, and a first aid kit. Plus PetBox gave me some boxes to give away on my trip, so the dogs with also have some PetBox goodies like cookies and maybe a toy or two.

Road Trip Essentials // The Wellness Doer

We will be doing our best to make our own food, so to not spend a gazillon dollars on fast food and junk. So lot’s of fruit, soup, eggs and bacon (at some point), pancakes, coffee, juice, sandwiches, tacos (the best when camping)… I don’t know about you but everything tastes better when camping.

That’s about it I think. I’m sure I forgot something but it’s all good. I think it’s important to do your best to go as minimal as possible. I probably could bring even less but I’m already packed at this point so it’s all coming with. I will be documenting and posting all about our trip here on the blog so make sure to check back in! If any of you out there are going to be on our path or have been, let me know of any cool spots to check out.

Did I miss something? What are some of your road trip essentials?


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