Self Created Luck

Do I consider myself lucky? I sure do but I believe luck is self created. We all are lucky, can be lucky and have been lucky. And what some consider lucky others may consider a curse. A lot of folks have said to me “oh you’re so lucky you get to go to France” and yes, yes I am lucky I got to go to France but their statement, in some cases, is followed up with “I wish I was that lucky” or something similar to those lines. In my personal opinion I believe we create our luck. I mean if I look back over the last year I can see that my beliefs, actions and choices have lead me to where I sit now… pool side at a villa just outside of Cannes France.

Do you believe you are a lucky person? When something arises in your life (basically in every moment) do you look at it as an opportunity to grow and go with the flow or do you resist and complain that life isn’t going as it should? Believe that you are a lucky person and start looking for things in your life that would make that so. From big to small, believe me there are more than plenty of things that make you a lucky person. For example: without my bad days and days where I didn’t feel so lucky I would never be able to appreciate my good days or the so called “lucky days”. If you can see you are lucky, if you have a roof over your head you are lucky, if you have food on your table you are lucky. I could say that I am lucky to have been in a bad relationship in my past so now I can appreciate how amazing a great relationship can be. At the time maybe I didn’t feel so lucky to be in that relationship but now looking back I can see that I was.

Anyhow… yes, a trip paid for to France is something that doesn’t happen all the time. So yes I can see how that would make me lucky, but it is all just the result of saying yes to something and no to something else… it is the consequence to my actions. And I don’t take any of it for granted. I am so grateful for everything and every person in my life. This is all a gift… every single day is a gift. I do honestly believe that if you want something bad enough you can have create it. Do you want to travel? What’s holding you back? A belief that you can’t do it because of money or insert reason here _____? Well guess what? You keep believing that and it will always be true. Traveling on a budget is very possible – hell, that’s the only way I’ve ever traveled. There’s, hostels that cost nearly nothing that you can stay at, Facebook is a great way to reach out when you want to travel, there’s discount airline tickets for students and working abroad is always fun, and so so much more.

So here is a quote that I love and I’m not really sure who said it but I feel that it fits with the content of this post:

“There’s only the trust that we are given what we are given for a good reason. And we don’t need to understand the reason. We don’t have to ask: ‘Why me?’ What keeps me going is the faith that with the pain comes something greater. I am always looking for the greater thing. And I am forever finding it.”

Ok now, so my point is that you create your luck. Believe that you are lucky/blessed and awesome things will happen, just make sure your eyes are open, you don’t miss them. 🙂 xo

On another note… FRANCE IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I am loving it here. The weather is beautiful, the people are fun to listen to and the food is delicious! My camera is not working so I’m having to take photos on my phone which is not ideal, but I am hoping to get a new one soon. Here is a couple shots of an area of Cannes…