Simple Pleasure #12: Bee Pollen

Simple Pleasure #12: Bee Pollen // The Wellness Doer

I have been doing a lot of yoga and have cut out meat (mostly) so I’ve needed to add some supplements to my daily routine. I started taking trace minerals, bee pollen, magnesium and zinc, and a digestive enzyme. But what I want to focus on is the bee pollen. Bee pollen is considered a superfood along with gogi berries, maca, spirulina, hempseed, aloe vera, coconuts and others. Superfoods are considered to be foods that have a dozen or more unique properties. I will eventually post about most superfoods but today it’s going to be about bee pollen… this stuff is amazing!!!

Nutritionists consider bee pollen to be one of the most complete foods found in nature, which, you will find most superfoods are considered. David Wolfe, author of the book “Superfoods”, lists several benefits of bee pollen. A couple of benefits that stood out to me where in relation to my decision to cut out meat and having to find other foods to sustain me while continuing to keep my activity levels high. This is what I learned…

Bee pollen increases strength, endurance, energy, and speed. It provides a quicker recovery from exercise; returns heart rate to normal; and improves endurance for repeat exertion. Pretty cool huh?! Bee pollen also increases muscle growth and definition. The British Sports Council recorded increases in strength by as high as 40 – 50 percent in those taking bee pollen regularly. According to research by doctors from France, Italy, and the USSR, pollen is one of the richest sources of bioavailable protein in nature. It is approximately 25% protein. Get this… gram for gram, pollen contains an estimated five to seven times more protein than meat, eggs, or cheese. I can see why it is easier to eat meat to get your protein because of the larger amount but I’d much rather eat bee pollen given all the other benefits it gives you.

Other benefits:

  • Pollen is a source of eighteen vitamins, all the essential amino acids, fourteen fatty acids and many more.
  • Pollen reduces the production of histamine, thus neutralizing many allergies.
  • It’s presence of B vitamins builds up our stress-defense shield, increases longevity, helps clear acne, and assists in reversing aging and wrinkling.
  • Just 130 milligrams of bee pollen can help assist in the digestion of three pounds of food. Experiments show that those who take bee pollen decrease their daily intake of food by 15 to 20 percent.

Bee pollen can be mixed into smoothies, cereal, yogurt, salads and can be consumed by itself. I usually take it by itself or mix it in my yogurt. When you first try bee pollen you want to start off by trying a small amount at a time, it can cause different reactions in people. Just a few granulates or 1/4 teaspoon then work up from there until you are taking a tablespoon once a day.

Here is another fantastic article you can read to learn more about bee pollen and it’s benefits. It also gives you a yummy recipe.

Also another subject to touch on which hasn’t been talked about much is the drop in the bee population. We do not want these little guys to disappear!!! Read the article Bee Cause, Bee Awareness – Urban Save the Bees Program. It explains more than I could.

I’m excited to be looking to foods for healing and preventative medicine. I’m not a fan of prescriptions drugs and the effects they have on peoples bodies and minds. As I learn I will share with you. If you have something to share, please leave a comment below… I’d love to hear from you!!!

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