Simple Pleasure #16: Finishing a Hike

Simple Pleasure #16: Finishing a Hike // The Wellness Doer

Yep, that’s right… finishing a hike.

It is obvious that going on a hike brings us pleasure (at least those of us who enjoy hiking), making it to the top… even more. The sights, the sounds or lack there off – all great joys. But… how often do we realize how excited we are to be done hiking? I experienced that today. I lead a 6 mile hike to the peak of a Mountain we call Iron Mountain. I’ve hiked this hike many times before, but never sick. As excited as I was to lead  the hike for a small group of people that have never done that particular hike before, I was also dreading it. Having woke up feeling as if I had something heavy sitting on my chest did not bring light to the idea of hiking. But I managed.

Simple Pleasure #16: Finishing a Hike // The Wellness Doer

The day was beautiful. The group was awesome! Once I got started my chest didn’t feel so bad. So overall the hike was great. What I realized though once we got to the bottom was how happy I was to be done. And not the kind of happy like “oh thank god that’s over with” but more like the “wow, I’m am so grateful to have my health”. I may have been sick, but realizing how lucky I was to still be able to enjoy the gifts of mother nature, is what I’d like to categorize as a “simple pleasure”.

Simple Pleasure #16: Finishing a Hike // The Wellness Doer

Although I also found myself thinking to myself “haha – you’ve got a ways still” as I passed people that were headed up. Feeling quite proud of myself for making it all the way up and back down. So if you are the adventurous type, I know you enjoy the start and of course you enjoy the point to which your adventuring to, but… when you are finished, stop, look back and take in all that you have accomplished. And you can use that in everyday life as well. Like right now, stop what your doing and look how far you’ve come, instead of how far you have to go.

Simple Pleasure #16 – Finishing a Hike. Hell yeah… brings me great joy.

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