Simple Pleasure #39: Family

During the holidays we may find ourselves a little stressed. Running from place to place collecting gifts, ingredients for holiday meals and whatever else we may try to jam into our to-do lists… well, most of us do I would assume. With all of this running around we may forget what the holidays are for. I have grown up with Christmas being a big deal. Gifts are, to an extent, expected. Meals are intended to be large and filling. Games are to be played and laughs to be had. Oh… and you can’t forget the alcohol to be consumed. It seems though in the past few years as the kids got older that Christmas didn’t seem to go as how it used to when I was a kid, and I think it’s safe to say that there were even a couple years where I didn’t enjoy Christmas. As I got older I wanted the family to be together just for the sake of being together. Not because it was Christmas and that’s what family’s do.

Well this Christmas was exactly that. The whole (local) crew got together. We made Gingerbread Cookie Martini’s, learned dance moves and yoga poses (even my dad got into it). We laughed so hard our stomachs hurt. There was my cousin’s new baby girl, tons of food and my sister who is stationed at Fort Hood was able to Skype us as we opened gifts. No expectations, no drama. Just everybody getting along, being themselves, laughing and enjoying being with each other.

And that’s what I believe it’s all about, being with each other. We are all human, individuals, we all have our differences. We cannot expect the people in our families to be any different. When we drop expectations of others, whether family or not, we find that being around people becomes easier. When we have no judgement of how someone else should be and just allow them to be as is, we create a since of peace within ourselves. When we allow others to be themselves we in turn allow ourselves to be ourselves. Then we have the room to create what we want. I want peace and love present in my family, and this weekend I got just that.

Anyhow… Family/community is a very powerful force. When you feel loved and give love a lot more things become possible. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday… and if not… well, you don’t need a holiday to find reasons to love each other… family or not.

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