Slowing Ourselves Down

5:00am Saturday June 23rd – Rise and shine! We were out of the house by 5:40 and headed north. After a stop off at my parents to drop off at Dad’s car (my car is still on vacation) and pick up the rental we were finally on track to Tahoe. My Dad recommended we drive hwy 395 and so we did just that. If you live in southern California and ever want to drive to Tahoe, Yosemite or any place near those… drive the 395. It is amazing!

At first you drive through what looks to be deserted towns, past empty houses and trailers, and pass through small towns with nothing other than a saloon, a general store and a gas station. All the while surrounded by dry mountains in the far off distance. As we headed north the mountains seemed to grow on either side of us and in an array of color contrast. To the left of us there was the flat dusty brown down on the ground then the hill covered in dried shrubbery and behind them was the massive jagged gray rocky mountains. To our left was again the flat desert floor, then list black “popcorn” looking rock formations, then rocky hills with a sunset red hue… we were in the middle of mother natures canvas.


Eventually there were splashes of water here and there and the color green started to make its entrance. Soon we were driving along with Mt. Whitney’s mountain range to our left and meadows of tall green grass all around us. We stopped in the town of Lone Pine for some food and ate a pizza place that seemed to be were everybody goes… but the pizza was amazing. If for some reason you ever end up in Lone Pine California stop at the Pizza Factory. Their slogan is “We toss’em, They’re Awesome” and to us, the slogan holds truth. After pizza we stopped at Mono Lake. Mono lake is this beautiful turquoise color and has tons of history. If we had known about it we would have spent more time and explored. Now we know for next time.

From there till Tahoe every turn held amazement. When we turned on to hwy 89 the road took us up and up and up… seemed as if we were driving to heaven. The 89 brought us a glimpse at a Bald Eagle and an American eagle. The American eagle must have recognized the spirit in us as we recognized the spirit in him because he coasted along side us for a bit. He was so close he made eye contact with Jonathan…


There was nothing around us for miles. We were on top of the world. It seemed as though the universe wanted us to slow down. The normal way of life in San Diego seemed so far away and so very high speed that we drove snail slow and took everything in. We are blessed with sacredness all around us and we pass it by so fast that we miss the most amazing things that life has to offer. We weren’t even in Tahoe yet and life was teaching us it’s lessons.

We finally pulled into Tahoe around 7:00 and headed to a place called the Beacon. The Beacon’s patio sits right on Lake Tahoe so we were able to watch the sun set behind Mt. Tallac as geese rummaged through the sand. Sitting in silence and being grateful for the adventure we had just experienced, feeling so blessed, and looking forward to what the next few days in this magical place has in store for us.


 I know sometimes it’s hard to stop and slow yourself down when the world around us seems to be moving so fast but I encourage you to. We shouldn’t have to wait for a vacation to experience the wonder of everything around us and rejoice in it’s beauty and be grateful that we are here to experience it. You are a blessed being. Much love…