Solo Road Trip: A Lesson in Surrender

Setting out on a adventure is never an adventure if the unexpected didn’t happen. And besides… how boring would a road trip be if you went from point A to point B without anything happening in between?


It seems that lately my lesson to learn is to surrender. I’ve discovered lately that I have a hard time giving up my sense of control, to actually be ok with what is happening around me and also with my own emotions. I thought that up to this point I was getting the hang of this whole surrender thing but the Universe had something up it’s sleeve to really test my comfort zones.

It kinda all started with camping by myself. It wouldn’t have been as interesting of an experience if there had been other people camping, but camping by yourself… comfort zone tested.

But ok… I made it through the night and was well on my way to San Francisco until I got a flat tire… and this is where is really gets good.

Let’s rewind a few days…

Before I left, my Dad mentioned that his cousin lived about 45 minutes north of San Luis Obispo and that I could stay with him and his family for a night. I brushed it off and said I really had my heart set on camping.

IMG_3168[1] IMG_3171[1]

Well… as you all know at this point… I got my camping experiencing but apparently I was intended to meet up with that part of my family regardless of my camping plans.

So I get a flat tire 30 minutes south from my Dad’s cousins place. I had a mini melt down, but with a little positive thinking and uplifting words from a friend, I pulled myself back together. Given I was so conveniently located my Dad called his cousin and he drove down to help me. Up to that point I had never had to change a tire. I can now say that I know how to change a tire. 🙂

But that wasn’t the end. We took the car to a tire shop only to find out all four tires needed replaced! Talk about best possible spot to get a flat… imagine if I was driving the coast highway and had a tire blowout!!! At that point I had to take a deep breathe… surrender… and just be with what was happening. I wasn’t going to make it to San Francisco that night.

IMG_3156[1] IMG_3165[1]

And just as beautifully as it could of happened I ended up at my Dads cousin’s (which makes him my second cousin?) home, with a full house of people that I haven’t seen in about 20 years! I couldn’t help but laugh. The Universe has it’s strange ways of leading us to where we need to be and that’s where I was needed to be at the time, for them and for myself.

Now it’s the end of my 3rd day on this fun solo adventure and I’m in SF. I’ve let go of any other plans at this point and am just going to see how things go. A lesson in surrender well learned.

IMG_3174[1] IMG_3183[1]

So grateful for so many things and people right now… can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings, as far as a blog post tomorrow… Wellness Doer Contributor Dr. Michael Mantell is posting about New Year Resolutions! So make sure to come back and check it out!

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