Solo Road Trip: The Final Stretch

Home Sweet Home… but not without all long drive.

I got to spend a day in a half in San Francisco. By the time I got there I was ready to just sit. So I did just that. My cousin Travis cooked us an amazing meal, he’s seriously the best cook ever, and that seemed to set the theme for my short SF visit… sit and eat. It was well worth it though.

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The next day was spent eating and roaming around taking photos. Travis and I started the day at Cafe Sapore for bagels (my favorite, I always get the “Tri-Colour” bagel when I’m in town, always), then we headed north on the 1 for a bit but there was way to many tourist for my liking.

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We stopped off at the Pelican Inn for a beer and fish and chips, (it’s a must visit if you are ever roaming the Bay area), before heading back into the city.

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I left early the next morning with plans to drive down the California Coast Highway. I’ve done this drive a couple times now but never driving south. I still think I like driving north better, although when you drive south it’s easier to pull off the road to take pictures.

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I left SF at 7:30am with plans to get to Santa Barbara by night (crash there before making the drive back to San Diego), but when driving the coast solo you have the freedom to stop whenever you want, so I must of stopped a couple dozen times. I couldn’t have asked for a better day either… clear skies, warm temperatures… it was gorgeous. If you live in Cali and have never driven the coast – do it! If you don’t live in Cali I would highly recommend driving the entire California coast. Give yourself lots of time because there is just so much awesomeness. Check out my Road Trip I did from San diego all the way to Oregon for more details on that.

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One spot I stopped at was the Swanson Berry Farm… please if you ever drive the coast, stop here. It was so freak’n cute. Homemade berry pies, jams, ciders, cheesecakes and truffles. And you pay for it all on the honor system… adorable.

The one thing I did get to see on this trip that I have never seen before driving highway 1 is the sunset. Yes, I live in San Diego and see coastal sunsets all the time but this one was special.

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I spent 12 hours driving down the coast (no it doesn’t take that long, but I did stop a lot) and had tons of time to think and ponder the wonder of life. I didn’t realize this till today that even though I was setting intentions and plans for when I got home and the new year I was always setting attachments to those things happening and if there was one thing that seemed to be present with this trip was to not be attached… but some how I missed the message.

It’s a wonderful thing to set intentions, goals, have plans and see your future in a way that you would wish for it to turn out but it’s very important to not be attached to the outcomes. Because in the attachment is when we get disappointed. Just like in this trip… things happened that I would not have expected and the trip did not turn out how I had planned but if I had continued to stay attached to the outcome I would of not enjoyed my trip at all.

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It seemed the universe was teaching me a lesson far greater than just letting go of attachment… it was teaching me a lesson in trust and surrender. Now all i have to do is apply that lesson to the rest of my life… no matter how shitty things feel at times. I have to trust that what I want, as long as I’m in alignment and loving every minute of it, will come to me just at the right time. And shit, if it doesn’t… well I might experience sadness, upset and frustration but I now have the awareness to choose Love over all of that.

Anyways… sorry… kinda went on a rant, but I think you get what I’m saying. I guess I needed that time away from home, friends and family, work and just needed time to think. But it wasn’t till I got home that the lesson was set it stone. 2013 went out with a bang that’s for sure. I am now welcoming the new year with open arms and looking forward to creating and choosing Love in every area of my life.

Hope you all had a beautiful year ending filled with Joy and Love. Thanks for reading… love to you all!

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