A Love Affair with Coffee

I’ve decided that I’m never going to give up coffee. Coffee is romantically luring. I like it strong, sweet, with a small hint of spice and topped with a mound of whipped cream. Whipped cream just goes so well with coffee, like a good, hardy ginger beer goes with whiskey or ample foreplay before sex. I could forever eat a diet free of sugar, processed carbs, and meat but I want my coffee. If coffee is my only vice then I’ll take it. If whipped cream is my only sugar, then so be it. For me the moments between sips…

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A Healthier Cup: 5 Ways to Jazz Up Your Coffee

I love my coffee, as do most Americans… actually, let’s be real here… most of the world. I can do without pizza and beer. I could skip the sweet desserts and pass on the glass of wine, but I don’t ever want to skip on my morning cup of joe. There is something very special about the morning coffee ritual. For me in reminds me of travel, friends and cozy mornings. Mt first experience of enjoying coffee was when I was 28 and was in Thailand. Ever since then I’ve been hooked. There are all sorts of information out there…

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