How to Road Trip with Your Dog

I love my dogs. I love road trips. My dogs + road trips = happiest girl in the world. But it’s not like I can throw my dogs into an over the shoulder bag and roam the countryside. I’ve got two 70 pound balls of pure fluff. Some would think it’s not the easiest to road trip with my crazy mutts but with a little preparation, road tripping with my (your) dog/s (of any size) is a breeze. I’ve had my dogs sense they were teeny tiny pups and they have been driving around in my car for about the length of…

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Simple Pleasure #38: Being Greeted by Your Dog

In my case… two dogs. Meet Griffin and Sadie. on this site They are more than just a simple pleasure. They are one of the best things in my life. A great thing about a dog is that no matter how long you have been gone for, whether 30 minutes, a day, a week, they are excited to see you. They don’t care if your in a bad mood or home late… they are still just as excited to see you. How can I possibly stay in a bad mood with faces like that staring up at me? | Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter | Sponsor |

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