The Importance of Being Grateful

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Maybe you have been hearing a lot about the importance of being grateful or maybe not but whatever the case is you are going to hear about it now. If you have been following this blog for awhile you may have read Zachariah’s post “Gratitude” or “90 Days of Shift” where he explains some key points on manifesting what you want and a series of daily rituals to achieving what you want. If you haven’t read either of those I suggest you do… pure amazingness.

Gratitude puts us in the space of having… not lacking. It puts our attention to what we already have. Being grateful breaks down the walls of separation, it diminishes the thoughts that “something’s missing”.

We are surrounded by so many things that we take for granted every day. Hot showers, clean water, an abundance of food, self expression, internet access, electricity. There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for. Being grateful is a practice.

So how do we stay in a space of being grateful?

I will you use my experience as an example. When I am feeling frustrated with my money situation, I catch myself in the non-fulfilling thought, and quickly switch it to what I’m thankful for. Some things that I may say to myself…

I am grateful for all the money I have now.
I am grateful for all the money that comes to me.
I am grateful for my job.
I am grateful for the ability to pay for things.
I am grateful for what these bills make available for me (car, electricity, gas, internet, a home)
I am grateful for constant flow for money.

Then I may start going into “I AM” statements (from the 90 Days of Shift)
I am abundant
I am rich
I am provided for
I am love

You get it. The point is is that there is ALWAYS SOMETHING TO BE GRATEFUL FOR. By incorporating this practice into your life you find yourself feeling fulfilled, nurtured, abundant and just down right happy… all from the inside out. The more you practice gratitude the easier it gets, just like working out.

Anytime I am feeling down, disconnected, frustrated, I flip the gratitude switch. I start naming off everything I can think of that I am grateful for. Now I do it even when I’m not is a yucky space. I do it when I’m driving, exercising, even brushing my teeth.

So what are you grateful for?

Some things to keep in mind:

A woman cured herself of cancer by putting her attention to what she was grateful for. When we look at ourselves in the mirror what do we most often think? How we can improve ourselves right… lose 10 lbs, get ride of wrinkles, blah blah blah… first if all we’ve got to love ourselves where we are at. Then put your attention to what you are grateful about your body. I am grateful for my body is a good start. I am grateful for my strength. I am grateful for my lungs. I am grateful for my skin. Even if you are not “feel’n it” in the moment keep saying it because you will start to feel it.

When you eat, think about all that went into that food being in front of you. The sunshine, soil, water, farmers, pickers and packers, transportation, the market you bought it at, there is so much that goes into what we consume. I am grateful for this fruit/vegetable/animal giving it’s life to sustain and nourish my life. Be grateful for ALL of it.

When someone pisses you off or disappoints you, turn that around and be grateful for what they are teaching you. Be grateful for experiencing emotion. Be grateful for being human. Be grateful for differences.

Now for the fun FUN part.

Be grateful for what you don’t have but want.

“Be grateful for what you want,
as if it has already arrived,
even if it hasn’t.”

Read more of the Gratitude post to understand a little more. But again I’ll use myself for a quick example. I want a new car. Everyday I say how grateful I am for my new car… and believe me, that new car is coming my way. We also need a new roommate (asap)… everyday I say how grateful I am for our new totally awesome roommate and that I am grateful to be able to live live in such a wonderful house with awesome people.

So my request of you is to make your life about being grateful. Ask everyone you meet “what are you grateful for?” If they start complaining… ask again. Ask tele-markers who call you, ask a homeless person, ask your waiter or waitress, ask your kids, ask your boss and watch your life shift from separation to being fulfilled.

Before I go… some things I am grateful for right now.

I am grateful for my family and friends.
I am grateful for Jonathan and his love.
I am grateful for my dogs.
I am grateful for the sun, the moon and the stars.
I am grateful for YOU, my followers that support this blog.

Thank you for reading! Much much love to you all!
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