The Master Cleanse & My Commitment To It

It is spring time and with spring in the air it brings with it fresh flowers and chirping birds also the urge to do some “spring cleaning”. Not only is spring a great time to clean out our closets and garages but also our bodies.

Springtime gives us an opportunity to look at old patterns, old things, and old ways with some new awareness. So why not look at your old patterns that relate to your health? Everybody knows that the way we eat plays a huge roll in the way we feel. Spring is the perfect to time to re-evaluate what you are doing to keep yourself healthy… and is a perfect time to start fresh. What better way to start fresh than to do a cleanse. master cleanse, master cleanse, master cleanse

“Most illnesses are a result of excess toxins (physical, mental, and emotional unusable materials) in the body. Healing is the elimination or cleansing of these toxins, and then achieving a balance of intake and output.”

So with that said Jonathan and I have committed to doing a cleanse starting Monday (3/25). We decided on the Master Cleanser. I once thought this cleanse was just a fad hollywood diet but after reading a few books that mentioned the master cleanser I came to understand it a bit more.


Here is the breakdown…

2 tablespoons fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice
1-2 tablespoons 100% maple-syrup (darker grades are the best)
1/10 teaspoon cayenne pepper
8 ounces spring water

Drink liberally 8-12 glasses throughout the day

Lemon: Is a perfect liver food and a great body cleanser. It’s high in Vitamin-C, Potassium, and other minerals. Lemons are somewhat astringent, meaning that they contract and tighten tissues, which loosens up and clears the toxins from deep tissues and organs.

Cayenne Pepper: Cayenne helps clear the blood and eliminates toxins and mucus, as well as keeps the body warm.

Maple Syrup: Is the energy source (calories). It is also rich in vitamins and minerals such as Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Vitamin-A, B1, B2, B6, C, and B5.

The Purpose: (from the Master Cleanser book itself)

To dissolve and eliminate toxins and congestion that have formed in any part of the body.
To cleanse the kidneys and the digestive system.
To purify the glands and cells throughout the entire body.
To eliminate all unusable waste and hardened material in the joints and muscles.
To relieve pressure and irritation in the nerves, arteries, and blood vessels.
To build a healthy blood stream.
To keep youth and elasticity regardless of our years.

When to Use It:

When sickness has developed – for all acute and chronic conditions.
When the digestive system need a rest and a cleansing.
When overweight has become a problem.
When better assimilation and building of body tissue is needed.

And How Often?

Follow the diet for a minimum of 10 days or more. The diet has all the nutrition needed during this time. Three to four times per year will do wonders for keeping the body in normal healthy conditions.


I will be blogging about my experience with this cleanse throughout the process for all of you curious monsters out there. I’m am really excited for many reasons, one being the clarity it will bring and another being discipline. I’ve never done a liquid cleanse before so I am curious if I can ever stick with it… but hey… it’s mind over matter right?

Wish us luck.

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