The Possible Perspectives Game

The Possible Perspective Game | The Wellness Doer

I am always looking for ways to grow and push past my limitations of thought, you know this about me by now. So I’ve come up with this little game I play with myself called “Possible Perspectives”. The game is to change a perspective that is not serving me to one that is. The following are some change ups that have really worked for me. Maybe you would want to play along too??

Traffic Hour = Cruising Hour
I was always finding myself getting so frustrated with traffic. Like my anger can change the flow of traffic right? The only thing I was doing was harming myself. Once I realized this I decided to look at traffic hour as cruising hour. Telling myself that during cruising hour you just cruise. If you aren’t cruisin’ you aren’t cool. So I just sit back, roll my windows down, enjoy the beautiful San Diego weather, rock to some good tunes and cruise. And do you know what happens, I always get to work on time, now just without the stress.

Loud Talker = Practice Listening
We all know who these people are. The person who talks way too loud even when you are standing right next to them, but that’s ok… it’s not for us to be annoyed by. They just give us the opportunity to be better listeners. When I am in the presence of a loud talker, instead of getting annoyed, I now use it as a chance to practice my listening skills. My thoughts are that people who talk loud want to be heard, so why not listen and let them know that they are being heard. To take it one step further I practice talking softer. I found by doing this the person often lowers their voice without even realizing it.

The Possible Perspective Game | The Wellness Doer

Rainy Weather = Green Happy Plants & Trees
We really are spoiled here in San Diego with all the sunshine, but when it rains people get so grumpy. “Isn’t this weather horrible” they say. It which I reply “no, without the rain San Diego wouldn’t be so green”. Not that SanDiego is super green but it’s nice when the plants are green and happy and not dead. Hurricanes, thunder and snow storms can suck yes, but your every day weather change isn’t something to get our undies in a bunch about.

Bad Day = Opportunity for Growth
This one is a tough one. It gets easier with practice but when you start turning your bad days into insightful lessons a whole world of awesomeness opens up. I used to think bad days just happen, and they do but now I look at them as a way to grow. I ask myself why may day was so bad? What could I have done differently to have had it be better? It’s never anybody else’s fault. A day is a day filled with situations and circumstances, it’s all in how we look at it that matters. So if you are having a shitty day, great! How can you grow from it?

Material World Mishaps = Non Attachment
Oooohhh this is a good one. We’ve all been there. We break something, spill something on your shirt or your car dies. How do you usually respond? Most people get pissed or upset. I know I used to. Again that upset gets us no where, nor does it get your car fixed or your shirt clean. That stuff happens and when it does it is a great reminder to let go of attachment to material things. It’s all going to go away eventually anyway. You’ll fix what was broken, clean your shirt and fix the car. They are all replaceable but your days aren’t. So don’t waste your days being upset over something like a t-shirt.

Don’t Like the “Way” Someone Is = Be Yourself
We will come across someone who annoys guaranteed, probably more times than we want. When we encounter those people it is the best time to be reminded to be yourself and also use compassion. If you don’t like the way someone talks, or dresses or does their hair, notice those thoughts and let them go. Use that as a way to remind yourself of how you talk, dress and do your hair. There is probably somebody out there that doesn’t like it. And that’s ok. Be yourself and allows others to do the same. The less you judge others the less you will be concerned of others judging you. Take it one step further and compliment them on something you DO like.

See… that’s a pretty fun game. Everybody wins! Now just take it into your life and see if you can change some ways of looking at something to a new Possible Perspective. 🙂

Thanks for reading, so much gratitude for you all as always!

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