Shape Your Reality: The Power of Our Words

The Power of Our Words // The Wellness Doer

Imagine that when you spoke there was a cloud of smoke that would come out of your mouth… and for conversation sake, let’s say it’s the color blue. So every time you said something there would be a puff of blue cloud right in front of your face and surrounding your head. Your reality/life that you experience is now blue… so everything you see and feel is now blue… because you created it that way. Now minus the cloud of blue smoke and that is what happens when we speak and how we speak.

Your words shape your reality. Crazy concept I know, but think about it… it makes sense.

Example… I have a client that shows up for a workout. He tells me he did something to his back while playing with his kids. He says ” I’m getting to old to play with my kids”. I say… ” well of course you are going to get to old to play with your kids if you keep telling yourself that”.  By changing how we say things we can cause a certain response in our minds and that response ties to what it is we are experiencing. Another example… my Mom is not feeling well… I say, “feel better soon”, she says “I hope so”!!! I hope so… it’s like not believeing your not going to get better, so we send that signal to our bodies. Instead a much more conducive response could have been “I will” or to take it one step futher… “I am”. Love you mom.

If we want to be healthy we must speak and act as if we are already healthy and in turn we will have health. I was just recently sick myself, when people would ask “how ya feeling” I would say “great, I just have a little sickness in me but it’s on it’s way out”. I felt bad for about one and half days… then felt fine.

I understand it’s not as simple as saying “I have a million dollars” and then poof you have a million dollars… but you can tell yourself that you are rich and money doesn’t define your richness. Be grateful for what you do have, don’t be jealous of others, be smart with your money and believe in the flow of things. If you believe money makes life hard or that money is hard to make… guess what… it will be.

This conversation can go really deep in saying that it’s all in our conditioning. How we were raised, how our parents were raised, and how their parents were raised, our school programs, T.V., radio, media, religions and our governments. What we believe our history is and how our bodies and minds work. More and more studies are being done on the power of our minds, how we think, and the power of our words. People are beginning to understand that we shape the world around us.

I believe that when we think or say something the law of attraction will bring it back to us.

So be mindful of what you say to yourself about yourself, speak with love and positivity to your family, friends and children even your pets! Keep bad thoughts and negative words silent. Understand that you are human and that we have hundreds of years of conditioning to break and if you slip up, it’s ok. Remind yourself, love yourself and move on.

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