The Slow Driver Club

So a couple years ago I made a new years resolution to not drive over 80mph on the freeway. Yeah. I know… what can I say, I’m a fast driver. I do quite a bit of driving on the freeway to and from work. The last few years I have kept it at or below 80 until a few weeks ago when my car decided it no longer liked driving at the speed and with the strong encouragement from my boyfriend, now I keep it around 65. It amazes me now that I’ve joined the “slow driver” club how fast people really do drive. I feel like 65 is fast at times and people go flying by me at what I’m guessing to be about 85-90mph!

It doesn’t make much difference on the time of arrival. When people speed past me on the street and then I pull up next to them at the traffic light I can’t help but giggle. I have been leaving my house at the same time to get to work, now driving slower, and amazingly enough I arrive at the same time.

I also, some how, feel less rushed. I sit back, enjoy my music and the beautiful weather of sunny San Diego. I stay out of the fast lanes and pretty much cruise… yeah… 65 feels like I’m cruising. My car just can’t handle the speed anymore. It saves me on gas too, with the gas prices being so high so it’s a super bonus to drive slower. We are driving to San Francisco next weekend so I’m hoping the slower drive will make the gas last longer. I took this little lesson as a reminder to slow down. There is no need for rush. Life continues to happen. Focusing on the present moment and noticing all the wonderful things around me has brought me so much joy during my commute. I show to work happy and relaxed.

Are you a fast driver? If you live in San Diego or L.A. you very well might be. I feel everyone drives fast around here. If you are take notice to your speed. Do you rush other things as well? Anyhow… just wanted to share those little thoughts with you guys. Hope you are enjoying your Thursday! xo