The Universe Always Provides

Everyday I have something that reminds me why it is so healthy for your life to let go of attachments – especially to material things. Everyday I’m reminded that no matter how hard I think my life might get hard or I may not have enough money or not be good enough – the universe (or insert name here of whom ever you think is the higher power) provides. It provides an opprotunity that makes life work, it provides a check that I had forgotten, it presents something that empowers me… And… in the end everything works out so beautifully. Today the universe provided me with a tent… yep, that’s right. A tent.

If you are somebody that read and followed my road trip posts then you will know that I had a tent stolen or I shall say “borrowed forever” when I was in San Francisco. I went through the process of letting go of any attachment and quickly saw that 1. it could of been worse and 2. the tent had served it’s purpose for me and it was now somebody else’s turn to enjoy it.

And sure… it was just a tent, no big deal. Except for the fact that 3 weeks after the day my tent was stolen I would need it again to camp for 5 nights at a music festival. So now I was on the hunt for another tent. I posted on good ol Facebook asking if anyone had a tent I could borrow. I have a client who let’s me borrow a two man tent but I needed something bigger… I even had a friend (bless his heart) that was willing to drive almost 2 hours to lend me his tent. But nothing was lining up and I began to be grateful for the fact that I even had a two man tent to use.

Then… I was down in my garage doing some laundry, I turn around, and there in the corner of my garage propped up like I christmas present under a tree… sat a little blue bag that resembled that of a tent’s. I paused for a second… grabbed the bag and pulled out an all weather, four man tent – exactly what I had been wanting. I set it up in my living room with the careful precision like a kid stacking legos and with each step of the set up I let myself  be ok with whatever I may unravel… a hole, mold, missing parts… but to my surprise, nothing. Not one thing wrong with the thing. See…

I stood back in awe at how amazing life really is. And no matter what, and I really mean it when I say no matter what, how everything always works out… always. There I was standing in my living room with the exact tent I was wanting – and again to my surprise it did not belong to any of my roommates or any of my past roommates that I knew of. The thing was mine. As I write this I’m still in shock and so so so grateful for all of life’s little surprises. It may seem silly to be so happy about a silly little tent… but it’s when you stop to be grateful for those small things as well as the big things that really make life grand.

So with allllll that said… I’m off for a music filled camping adventure for 5 days with my new tent. So no posts till Monday (May 30th). Enjoy every second of your lives, have compassion for your fellow human being and always choose love.

Thanks for reading! Much love,