There’s No Place Like Home: Lightning in a Bottle


I’m back. I’ve been back all week but came back from Lightning in a Bottle with a cold. So I have not been inspired to sit in front of a computer. But here I am, back at it.

I want to share my thoughts and experience with you about Lightning in a Bottle. I have some fun photos too, so I hope you enjoy.

I’m not sure how many of you out there have been to a festival or have any idea what it’s even like. I can imagine that people may think it’s just a bunch of hippies running around doing drugs all day and listening to loud music… well, there is that, but there is also so much more. I don’t go to festivals to do drugs. I do love music, and being able to see more than a dozen amazing music performers in one weekend is pretty bad ass. But again… it’s more than that.



Festivals, or at the least Lightning in a Bottle, brings out the best in everyone. You are in an environment where you can be fully self expressed knowing that you will not be judged or not even care what others think. There is a higher level of consciousness present. People are out to spread a message of love, that no one is separate. Everyone has an understanding that we all must come together in order for things to change. At Lightning in a Bottle everyone is smiling, people hug upon meeting and laughter fills the air. It’s a conscious event. It’s a leave no trace event. People go to party yes, but we all know that it’s more than that.

Now back to my normal life and trying to bring that LIB feeling home with me, I’m saddened by the disconnect we have in our normal way of life. I got used to people looking me in the eye, smiling and saying hello. It’s seems in our “normal” way of living we are so caught up in our minds that we forget to live from our hearts. Going to a festival gives insight to what is possible. A community coming together and living in harmony with full self-expression, love, awareness, a passion for protecting mother earth, and… having fun, whether that be through art, dancing, singing, or just laying in the grass.



As I mentioned in my last post, Jonathan and I got the opportunity to volunteer at the festival. We each put in 20 hours of work in the kitchen that fed the staff and other LIB volunteers. I can’t say enough how much of a wonderful experience it was. We met some of the most amazing people, got a job opportunity to work with the kitchen staff at other festivals, and we helped feed 400+ people. I found a lot of happiness in baking 100lbs of bacon, knowing how smiles it was going to bring to folks. Although after cooking all that bacon I don’t think I could ever look at a piece of bacon the same… and no, I didn’t eat any.

I can probably talk about LIB for hours in detail but I feel it must be experienced to really understand. I know that to live a life the way one could live at LIB would seem impossible. But it’s not, maybe you can’t have stilt walkers and interactive art around you at any given time but you can be self-expressed, you can smile at strangers, you can laugh, you can dance and you can live from the heart. That’s what it’s all about.



It’s been a little over a week since we’ve been back from LIB, my car is still covered in dirt, we still haven’t unpacked and we still are wearing our wristbands. It’s not the festival that we are wanting to real live, it’s the experience that the festival offers. I’m telling you, it was pretty amazing being surrounded by people who “know what’s up”, who know that change starts with them, and who live there lives from the heart… so awesome. We don’t need to be on vacation or at some music festival, or even be on drugs to experience euphoria… we can create it right here and now. I say it a lot… and I’ll continue to say it… love yourself, love each other, and love the world around you. Blessings and love…