5 Things I Love Thursday

Every Thursday I round up what I’m loving. Whether it’s from the web, something I’m eating, wearing or whatever! If you’ve got something you think I’d love, follow the Wellness Doer on Instagram and hashtag your photos with #thewellnessdoer and #WDwhatilovethursday for a chance to be featured on the blog!

National Donut Day
National Donut Day is June 5th! I know, I’m a personal health coach but everyone has got to have a vice, right? Mine used to be cupcakes, but I believe that donuts are taking the lead, and I’m not the only one. It seems everyone on Pinerest has an amazing recipe for homemade donuts. Donut party anyone?

5 Things I Love Thursday // The Wellness Doer

Ending the day right:
This girl knows what’s up. Erin from shares how to end your work day and make your mornings better. I needed this. My days get away from me and the next thing I know I’m scrambling at the end of the day to catch up on all the things I let get away from me. Lifesaver. Thanks Erin! I didn’t even know Inbox Pause existed!!!!

The Best Yoga Mat // The Wellness Doer

My Lululemon Yoga mat:
If you were to dig around in my garage you would probably find a dozen yoga mats of all colors and material, but none of them match up to my Lulu mat. ‘The Mat‘ as it’s called, is especially great for hot yoga. It’s designed to keep you from slipping all over your mat even without a towel. Those towels never really worked for me anyways. The days of losing focus as my mat turns into a slip-n-slide are over! Read more about Yoga: Yoga vs. Exercise

5 Things I Love Thursday // The Wellness Doer

The Forest:
I don’t think there is ever a time I am not loving the serene lushness of the forest. I live by the ocean but my heart lives in the woods. Did you know that hugging trees is good for your health? One day I will settle down amongst the trees and fresh soil and raise a family surround by green. Till then I’ll spend my days worshiping the ocean.

Flight of Fancy Designs // The Wellness Doer

Flight of Fancy Feather Earrings:
I just recently bought a pair of these at Lightning in a Bottle from the Flight of Fancy folks. I’m obsessed. If I could get away with wearing them as I train my clients I would, but somehow I don’t think long dangly earrings fit in at the gym… but everywhere else… oh it’s so on.

What are YOU loving this week? I’d love to hear about all the awesome things you all are up to!

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