Thoughts Become Things

So I’ve started a daily practice that starts my day off with a glass of water, followed my cleaning my face and teeth. Then I do some form of a yoga practice (whatever my body feels that it needs) and end it with a meditation. I’m on day 11 now and it’s feeling really darn good. Beginning my day with a positive start has really propelled me into my creativity (I’ve started drawing again) and a broader awareness of my thoughts and words.

I’ve realized that I create limitations for my own self  just simply by the words I use. What!!?? Yeah… here I am going around saying how much I like to empower people and here I am disempowering myself! Jeez…

So I’ve brought forward more awareness to the way I words things…. especially around money. For example (my friend Heather pointed this out to me), I said “I’m not going to do yoga today because I don’t want to spend money, I need the money for gas” (disempowering). She stopped me and had me rephrase it to this… “I’m not going to do yoga today because I choose not to” (empowering). By just simply saying that I’m choosing not to do yoga instead for a particular reason based on money or whatever I give myself more freedom. Do you see how the first phrase is limiting? Plus by rephrasing it it doesn’t leave me feeling like a loser because I can’t pay for a freak’n yoga class. After that day I really put my attention into how I was saying things. I was also careful to not use words to limit anybody else either.

So use my lesson as a lesson for yourself. Be mindful of your words and how you use them. Language is very powerful. Thought is very powerful. And what do we do as a collective that is human nature? We identify with thought. Identification with thought is a basic delusion. So until we can all transcend thought we must create empowering, uplifting, limitless thoughts that have us evolving into a more aware & conscious species. And yes… you create your thoughts. So be an artist and paint your world beautiful.