Throw Your New Year Resolutions Out the Window

It’s a new year, so new goals, new intentions… or maybe old ones from last year revisited?

Just because it’s a new year doesn’t mean we throw last years goals out the window or does it? So what if you didn’t accomplish what you set out to do at the beginning of last year. There are no resolution police. The only person you have to be honest with about it is yourself. But why do some resolutions not stick?

We all know that setting new goals at the beginning of the new year is a lost cause. Fuck new year resolutions. Seriously. What are some of the most common resolutions we hear?

Go to the gym more.
Lose weight.
Drink more water.
Save more money.
Clean out the garage (finally).
Start running/yoga/cooking/etc.

You get the idea. It’s all bullshit. Most of the goals we set are to either change something we don’t like about ourselves or gain/achieve something that we think we need to be happier.

How about cleaning out our hearts of the negative, belittling crap we tell ourselves that has us thinking we are anything less than divine and that we need more ‘stuff’ to be happier/fulfilled/worthy.

I’m all for people wanting to set goals for themselves, but check in, are they coming from a place of love for yourself? Are you setting a goal to attend the gym more because you think you are fat? Or do you already see your body as temple and know that cardiovascular exercise and weight training keep a body strong and healthy, and that a double bacon cheeseburger does a body no good? Looking great in a swimsuit is the last of your concerns, it’s just bonus.

Remember that you are already an amazing human being. Cut the crap, stop feeding into the belief that you are anything less than that. Love yourself and set goals from that space.

Maybe it’s not even new year resolutions that we need, maybe we need to make a “fuck it” list like this woman did. A list of things you want to stop worrying about. Check it out, it’s pretty rad.

While I work on my F-it list I’ll share some of my goals for 2015. In my journal at the top of a page I wrote: “From a loving space in my heart, what goals/intentions would I like to put in place this year that will serve me in my highest good and purpose, and that will further expand my heart and mind?

– Find a new home. Create a nurturing, supportive space for all who walk through it’s doors.

– Connect… without social media

– Cleanse my system. Continue to see my body and to treat it as the temple that it is. Make health decisions based on what will support my purpose. Realizing that when I make a choice from a belief system that is not supportive of my health that I am furthering that belief system. That if I make a choice from that belief system that I am telling myself I’m not worth it.

– Create a loving relationship with money. Move forward knowing that I have everything I need to be great right now. That money is abundant and always come stop me as I need it.

– Love ridiculously unattached

– Continue to express myself through creative projects: blogging, journaling, crafting and to not expect anything from it. To literally do those things because they make my heart happy.

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