7 Ways to Enjoy the Moment

7 Ways to Enjoy the Moment // The Wellness Doer

Hi all you wonderful people! Is life moving a little too fast lately and you feel like you can’t stay present? Maybe it’s not going by fast at all but maybe you are so focused on what to do next you are not present to the current moment… either way, here are 7 ways to slow down and enjoy the moment.

1. Write a thank you card.
By taking the time to write a thank you card it forces you to be present to what it is exactly you are thankful for. I have been sending thank you cards lately just for the pure sake of saying thank you. It feels really good knowing I’m making someones day.

2. Play.
All work and no play may be how some of you might describe your life. Well… it’s time to get out and play. Whatever that looks like to you. Exercising, walking the dogs, dancing, singing, whatever “play” is for you, just do it! By engaging ourselves in the things that make us happy time seems to stand still. For those who have kids, this should come easy. Crawl around on the floor with your children making animal noises or act out fairy tails, enjoying every second of it .

3. Get out into nature.
This one is a no brainer. Being out in nature is one of the best ways to connect to the present moment. Hiking, camping, watching the sun set or any outdoor activity is great for connecting us with the present moment. Live in the city? No worries… stop to smell flowers, head to the park, lay in the grass, stand in the rain, hug a tree, or make it a point on the weekend to take a drive out of the city.

4. Cook.
Pull out a recipe that you have been meaning to cook and get to it! By cooking your own food you have to be present in order to add the correct ingredients or to not cook too long. It’s a great way to connect with the now and create your own healthy(hopefully) meal! Then for a bonus sit and enjoy your meal with loved ones.

5. Dive into water.
Water is very calming. We are made up of about 70% water so our connection to water is strong. Sometimes being in water is really relaxing and helps slow the mind down. Take a bath, go for a swim, surf, or just let the ocean water kiss your toes. Enjoy it… the water is very healing.

6. Be an artist.
Love this one!!! Take some time to doodle. Even if your not an amazing artist… color, paint, draw with crayons… it slows and calms the mind and releases that “feel like a kid again” feeling.

7. Journal.
Journaling is a surefire way to get present. When you write you have to be present to what it is you are writing about. My favorite is writing out what I am grateful for (thanks to the 90 days of shift). By doing this I get to think about all the things that I am grateful for. It leaves me feeling calm, present and happy… and is a perfect way to end the night.

So do all of them or do one of them but whatever you do – do something. The more you do to become present the easier it gets.

Thanks for reading!

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