My Top 5 Travel Essentials


Summer is fast approaching and that means summer vacations and adventures! Last year I traveled to Rome and France, this summer has yet to be decided. One thing is for sure, I will be traveling with the below items. Everybody has their favorite things they travel with, we all travel with bags and shoes and underwear, but these are some of my favorite travel essentials that I won’t leave home without.

Who doesn’t like to travel with a camera? I will most likely always travel with my Canon Dslr and my little Canon point and shoot. You never know when and where your travels might take you (at least that’s been my experience) and having the appropriate camera will help you get the perfect shot. I always carry my phone on me, but I don’t always use it on my travels for photos, it depends on where I’m at.

Get your own rad camera strap: Fotostrap or Cam-In

Depending on where I’m going and how long I’ll be gone for will depend if I bring my big day-to-day journal or a small pocket journal for notes that I’ll revisit later. I sometimes use my big journal as a scrapbook, saving business cards of restaurants, receipts, and other little pieces from my travels. In some cases carrying around my big journal isn’t ideal so I bring a little one to jot down anything I’d like to remember and write about later.

My favorites: Paper Source and Band.Do

Travel Essentials // The Wellness Doer

Microfiber Towel
I take this with me even when I’m not traveling. It folds up small and dries quickly. It sure beats carrying around a regular bathroom towel. Living costal in California also means I never know when I’ll be at the beach, no worries, ta-da… I’ve got a towel! You can find them in different sizes, I like to travel with the one that covers me when I get out go the shower.

Where to find: REI – I love the purple one!

I’m old school and like to carry around a hard copy of a map of the area I’m visiting. I like to know where I’m at and if I were to get lost, I could figure my way back to somewhere familiar. When you have a map you can mark on it the places you love to eat, or a landmark you’d like to revisit. Then when you are back home, the map makes for a great trip souvenir.

Creative Travel Maps: Part 1 and Part 2 – these may not be the best for traveling but they sure are freak’n cute!

Stone or Crystal
This isn’t your normal travel essential, but I never leave home for a trip without one. Whether it’s on a necklace or freestanding, I will always carry a crystal or a stone with me for good blessings. Now whether it’s going to be a crystal or a stone is determined based on where I’m going, how I’m feeling and what straight up calls to me. On my last Europe trip I carried a piece of Malachite with me.

Read more about what stones do what: Healing Stone Meanings

What do you travel with? What is the one thing you just can’t travel without?

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