Transformation Can Be a Bitch

Transformation Can Be a Bitch // The Wellness Doer

Transformation can be a bitch sometimes. It’s true. Yes, sometimes we experience transformation in those AH-HA moments of awakening when it feels like a million lightbulbs just turned on and… there are those times when you have to face fears and face change and the unknown and you cry yourself to sleep at night wondering what the f@#k you are doing. That’s when transformation feels like it sucks. It’s almost like you want to push it away, saying “no transformation for me today, thank you”. But once you have insight there is no taking it back. You must go through the process. Even if it sucks.

The bright side to all of this is that there IS a bright side. For me I realized that what I am putting my attention to is not serving me in ways that feel good. I’m pretty much making myself crazy, worrying about what I can’t control. Worrying about if people love me or not, or if they are giving their love to someone else, wondering if I’m good enough…. Whoa… wait up. If I’m good enough? I Am good enough… do you see where I’m getting at with this?

If I walk around on this planet with the idea that I’m not good enough for whatever, what do you think my reality will look like? We can drive ourselves mad all because of what we put our attention on. Maybe some of you know because you do it too. I feel it’s a common thing for most people to feel not good enough or that we are lacking something.

Well let me tell you that is not going to get us anywhere. We are enough. We are abundant at that. Always. So to keep this short and sweet since I have tendency to go on and on, allow me to share this with you from my own experiences…

– When loving somebody or something, ask yourself… Is it that person or thing that you truly love or the idea of that person or thing? Big difference. Because if you are in love with an idea, then you have expectations. If you love truly, then you love as is, there are no demands or trade-offs for your love. You give it freely without expectation.

– When shit gets hard, take a step back from your emotions. Understand that emotion is created in our minds then felt in our bodies. Examine what you are feeling as if you where looking at a cut on your arm. It may hurt, a lot, but you know that cut is going to heal and go away. Same with harder times. They suck, but with the proper care, they heal and go away.

– LOVING YOURSELF is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do for yourself. Ask yourself… Am I loving myself in this moment? What do I need to do to be loving and honoring myself right now? Guaranteed you will feel better if you really listen and follow your heart.

So that’s where I’m at. Or at least that has been what’s made very clear to me lately. I’ve known these things but they seem to be being shoved in my face to dig a little deeper. I may say transformation sucks sometimes but only in brief moments. But in all actuality the big picture it’s really freaking awesome because I know cool things are coming… or more like they are already happening.

Hoping that made a little bit of sense. I know that sharing my experiences may help others with theirs. If you feel like you need a little more guidance you can check out the 90 Days of Shift. The Shift really helped me… well… shift. It helps focus your mind on the positive. It’s pretty bad ass.

K… gotta go, but I love you guys! Thanks for reading!!!

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