Turning Fear into Fuel: 6 Suggestions That Help Me Overcome My Fears

Turning Fear into Fuel: 6 Suggestions That Help Me // The Wellness Doer

So let’s talk about FEAR. Not the kind of fear you have when you are standing at the edge of a mountain but the kind of fear that creeps in when you think about change. Think about something you want to change about yourself or life… job, where you live, finances, love life, whatever… and do you feel that little twinge in your gut or maybe your throat? Yep… that’s that lovely feeling that comes with change. Which is where I’m kinda at right now.

I started the 90 Days of Shift two and a half months ago and didn’t really think much was shifting but I kept truck’n along with the assignments… to a point now where they are just part of my daily routine… but now I see the shifts that are taking place. The great thing about it is is now I’m faced with decisions to make… and with those decisions will come change.

Enter the fear.

Whoa… just thinking about it puts a lock down on my breathing capabilities. But that’s ok… I’m welcoming it with open arms. Because in all actuality… the shift never comes without the openness to it. Then once the shift has occurred there is no going back… well… at least not for me anyway. So fear is good, it reminds you that you are a human being and capable of so much more.

For me I want to make some career changes (don’t worry, The Wellness Doer isn’t going anywhere and I’m not quitting personal training), I want to be more responsible (and free at the same time) with money and my favorite of my fears is standing up for myself. Those who know me know me to be pretty confidant… but I get sacred too.

Now how can we turn that fear into fuel?

1. Say “Fuck It”
(or something of similar sorts)
I’m not going to let me fears stop me from what I want out of life. Anytime I think of something that I want to do and fear creeps in… I’m gonna think to myself… fuck it. I can think of a million excuses for the “why not” part but that wont get me any where will it?

2. Single Task
I’m good at multitasking but when I got a dozen ideas that are pumping through my brain I have to focus on one thing at a time. Which leads to to the next…

3. Make a List or Mind Map
For me writing out my ideas (or goals) and steps to achieve them lessons the fear. It’s all on paper and I have a specific place to start. It doesn’t seem so scary when you see how easy some of the steps can be. I’ve shared some of my goals on The List.

4. Dig Deep
This may take a little self-examination but we can all benefit from this process. Examine the fear. Look at it as if it’s in your holding it in your hands. Where is it coming from? Peel back the layers to really discover why the fear is even there. For me it’s failing or not being good enough. But all that is is fearing something that I think may happen in the future, and even if it does happen, fuck it, I get up and try again, now just armed with more knowledge.

5. Just Breathe
When shit gets a little scary and uncertain sometimes we just need to sit and breathe… literally. I love meditation but I know it’s not for everyone, but just taking a seat, maybe with a glass of wine, and taking a few deep long inhales and exhales may help to calm your nerves. For me it puts everything into perspective… that ultimately I have to trust and surrender to the bigger power at hand.

6. Stay Focused
Once you have your list, you’ve taken a few deep breathes, trust that you are ok, said fuck it, and uncovered what it’s all about… stay focused on what you want and/or what you are creating… whether it a new job, leaving a bad relationship, moving, starting a new career, or even if it’s wearing color when you always where black… whatever it is you want, if it makes your heart happy… stay focused on that.

See yourself as if you already achieved what you are trying to get to or be. What does that feel like? Focus on that… Then all that fear is fuel… fuel for what is possible.

I feel much better now. Thank you.
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