Valentine’s Day Part 2 – It’s Time to Change the Meaning

My part 1 post about Valentine’s Day was to share what I did for V-Day. This post is about my thoughts on the holiday itself. I think many people don’t even know that the original “St. Valentine” was just a lithurgical celebration of one or more early Christian saint named Valentinus. For more info on Valentine’s Day go here. We now get wrapped up in the meaning of Valentine’s Day to be giving chocolates, roses and teddy bears holding hearts. Some women (not all) expect dinner and flowers and the poor men are left feeling obligated (wether they know it or not) not because of their women but because society has put that expectation out there. People that don’t have “lovers” feel a little left out and everyone else just kinda gets caught up in it because it’s every where.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not being negative or saying that I hate Valentine’s Day, I’m just saying that if we are going to have a holiday that celebrates love we should at least encourage gratitude and appreciation for all of our relationships. The media and big corporation companies pump messages in our faces to get us to buy stupid silly little things to express that we care. In my opinion (and it’s just an opinion remember) the people we are with should know that we care and love them.

Understand that I love gifts, and chocolates and all of that stuff… I like hearing that I’m loved… but… I don’t need any of that. I understand that the holiday has pasted but I want to encourage all of you to look at V-Day in a different light from here on out. It would be nice to focus less on material items and put our attention more on expressing love, being thankful and appreciating all that we have. The holiday shouldn’t just be about our relationship to our loved ones but to all of our relationships. The relationship to ourselves, to our lover, our friends, family, strangers, community, animals, environment, universe, etc. We share a “relationship with everything around us, let’s evolve as humans and extend love and gratitude to all the “relationships” we have.

The definition for “relationship”:

re•la•tion•ship |riˈlā sh ənˌ sh ip|
the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected

I love that definition. “The state of being connected” – to anybody or anything. With that said, what is your state of being in connection to your boss? To your dog? To your neighbor? To a stranger? To the grassy field, to the rain forest, to the sun? We are constantly in a state of being with everything around us. What we express vibrates off of the things and people that surround us and spreads into the universe. If you express love then you vibrate love, if you express hate then you vibrate hate to all things, whether or not you are in direct contact with those things.

Valentine’s Day, and every day for that matter, should be a day where we put our attention to our “being” in all relationships. Express love with words and hugs, show someone you care by leading a helping hand, express love for the environment by picking up trash. You can give back to the community by volunteering at a homeless or children’s center, or just practicing being at peace and being calm, and to take all that one step further… do it with someone you love.

Valentine’s Day is a time to appreciate all the relationships in our life. Set our ego’s aside and become the humans we are meant to become – conscious, loving human-beings. As I’ve said before, be kind to one another… in the big view of things we are all the same.

P.S. Please understand that I’m not saying to not give flowers, take your loved one to dinner, or send a card…by all means… do it!!! But do it with ego set aside, don’t get sucked in to spending money on wasteful things. Do it because you truly want to… and do it with all your love. It’s time we move forward… much love.