Volunteering is Cool, Everybody is Doing It

Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone has something fun planned for this holiday weekend, if anything at least some relaxation. I on the other hand will be volunteering in a kitchen and dancing my ass off. I’ll be attending Lightning in a Bottle in Silverado. This will be my third time but my second as a volunteer. It’s my favorite festival, and maybe that is because I work it as well and there is something to be said about leading a helping hand. I get the opportunity to work in the kitchen that feeds the staff and other volunteers – pretty awesome. Plus there is music, art, workshops and yoga – double awesome.

Before volunteering for this festival I had never really volunteered for something of that size before. It was really rewarding knowing I was helping feed 500+ people. It really taught me the value in giving your time- although time isn’t something that we own- still you get what I am saying. I feel that many people shy away from volunteering, maybe they think they don’t have time or maybe they just don’t give a shit.But I think people also crave that sort of “giving back” and connection. If your volunteering to truly be there and help out, not to say “hey, look how great I am, I’m helping” the reward is so wonderful. Doing anything from ego isn’t going to be any fun in the end. Think about this for a second… when giving someone a gift or maybe giving a homeless person some money, what is going through your head? Are you thinking that the other person is going to think your so great, are you expecting something for the other person? Even expecting a thank you is putting that “expecting” energy out there. Give to give. That’s it. If the person says something or does something for you… great, but don’t expect it. Find joy in the act of giving – whether that be time, money, a gift, love, a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, whatever… being in that space of joy is much more of a gift than the actual gift itself.

I’m telling you folks… living from your heart, thinking, acting, and speaking from a place of love is the way to go. And more and more people are realizing this. Times are changing and the way we have been doing stuff hasn’t been working, it needed to happen that way for us to get to this point, but it’s time for a change. And, I know you have heard this before but hear it again… YOU ARE THE CHANGE. CHANGE STARTS WITH YOU… and me… and everyone else.

Maybe you wont be volunteering your time somewhere anytime soon, but holding a door open, sending someone flowers for no reason, buying the person behind you in line a coffee (at the coffee shop), or just giving someone space to talk could make someones day and create happiness for the both of you. So get out there, stay positive, and be love.

There will be no posts from me until next week and hopefully I’ll have a much more exciting post about lightning in a bottle than I did last year. Maybe if you cross your fingers Zachariah will write you guys something amazing.

Lots of love to you all and I’ll leave you with this question…

Who can you acknowledge today? Go do it!