Adventures in San Diego: Whale Watching From a Plane

You know that post I wrote about Living Like You’re on Vacation? Well… living in San Diego makes it really easy to feel like I’m on vacation. Jonathan’s friend Colin took us up in a little four person seater plane to check out the Blue Whales that have been hanging around off the shores of the San Diego and Mexico boarder. I’ve never seen whales before and Jonathan had never been in a small plane so this was an extra special treat for the both of us. It was a little hazy out over the water but that didn’t stop us from having a successful mission.

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The Wellness Doer The Wellness Doer

So how was it?

It was the coolest thing ever!!! I’ve never been whale watching from a boat but from what I hear you don’t get to see much. From the plane you can see the whole length of the whale, the beautiful color, and the whole pod of them (if there is a bunch of them). Did you know a pack of whales is called a pod? Now you do. We flew about 300-500ft above the water and they were so cool to see from from that height. Check em’ out…

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Love it.

After we checked out the whales Colin flew us over San Diego Harbor, past Downtown and the military base and over the Corodado Bridge. Downtown San Diego is such a beautiful skyline when you are on the ground but seeing it from the air really is the best way.

The Wellness Doer The Wellness Doer The Wellness Doer

Are you interested in going whale watching from a plane? Well then you are in luck. Email Coiln at: for more information and to answer any questions you might have. It really is such a cool experience to not only see whales from a small plane but to see the city as well… I highly recommend.

Did you know:

  • Blue Whales are the largest animal that has ever lived – even larger than largest dinosaur.
  • The Blue Whale’s heart is as big as a small car (like a VW Beetle)
  • Females breed only once every three years and gestation is between 11-12months.  Females usually only have one young.
  • A baby Blue Whale is about the size of two mini vans.
  • Their spine is shaped more like a running terrestrial animal than like a fish, it moves up and down rather than side to side.

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Do you have any whale watching stories? I’d love to hear them!

Thanks for reading!
Much L♥VE, Elyssa