What a Personal Trainer Eats: 7 Days of Photos

What a Personal Trainer Eats: 7 Days of Photos | The Wellness Doer

I am not a rabbit.

I just want to be clear. I know I’m cute and all but I do not hop around and have a twitchy nose. I’m not fuzzy either.

I am human and I like to have my cake and eat it too.

I often get comments all the time about how I must not eat or “eat like a rabbit” because I’m so fit and healthy… but that is FAR from the truth. I DO eat healthy and workout but I also love coffee and sweets. I just tend to be a little pickier about what I eat than maybe the average person does. So to ease the minds of all you curious beautiful people out there I am going to take a photo of every single thing I eat for a week… and at the end of each day I will post them for you to see and explain what it is. Along with the photos I’ll give tips and tricks to choosing healthy foods and making healthy choices. So then we can all be happy rabbits… I mean humans. 🙂

So stay tuned to the following seven days and prepare to be amazed!!! Ok maybe not amazed but I’m sure you will find it entertaining at the very least.

Till then check out this post I posted a while back on what I eat.

Love you guys.

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