What a Personal Trainer Eats: Day 1 of 7

What a Personal Trainer Eats: Day 1 | The Wellness Doer

Alright folks… here is day 1 of what I have eaten today…

Oatmeal and Orange Juice
Jonathan wanted the oatmeal this morning so I ate some with him but I don’t normally eat it on a regular basis. I added blueberries, almonds, raw cacao, hemp milk and a small amount of coconut palm sugar (it’s 1:1 to regular sugar but lower on the glycemic level). The orange juice is fresh from the farmers market.

Tips: If you are a lover of oatmeal in the morning make sure to blend some healthy add-in’s into your oats. For more healthy oatmeal ideas read this post. If you are going to drink juice, drink the freshest you can find.

Mushroom and Asparagus Frittata and a Mocha from Whole Foods
I love the vegetable frittata’s that whole foods has in the morning and the mushroom/asparagus one just so happens to be my favorite. The coffee is pretty special itself… two shots of espresso, almond milk, non-sweetened chocolate and no whip… deeelish!

Tips: If you do happen to frequent a place that has a buffet style setup don’t overload your plate. Take a small amount and call it a day. When it comes to coffee, depending on how you like it, do your best to drink organic and use a nut milk instead of dairy or soy.

Vega Vanilla Almond Protein Shake (not pictured)
I worked out for an hour with weights and followed it with a small protein shake.

Tip: Protein shakes are a great way to get extra protein without having to fill up on meat. Especially after a workout when your muscles are hungry.

We had a trainers meeting today and our boss bought us lunch from Rubio’s. I had packed my lunch but I couldn’t say no. I ate small amounts of guacamole, rice, beans, salsa, and chicken. No chips and no tortillas. Afterwards I ate a handful of organic cherries (not pictured).

Tips: Sometimes we may be stuck with a work lunch but that doesn’t mean you still can’t make healthy choices. Stick with vegetables and non-fried meats at the very least and eat a small amount, you can always eat something healthier later. When eating fruit: fresh, organic and local is the way to go.

Chai Tea with Chocolate Hemp Milk
I made a cup of this when I got home for my break. I did it more so because I wanted to try the chai with chocolate milk. Really yummy… I highly recommend it.

Tip: I don’t drink soy or dairy milks… they just aren’t that good for you. Nut milks are really nutritious and taste great. My favorite right now is hemp milk. I drink Tempt Hemp Milk and Yogi Tea.

Homemade Salad and Two Hard Boiled Eggs (eggs not pictured)
I made a salad today for lunch but ended up eating Rubio’s… so I ate the salad for dinner with two hard boiled eggs. The salad was made up of cucumber, tomato, avocado, micro greens and sprouts. I topped it with olive and hemp oil and pumpkin and sunflower seeds. With the salad I drank about 8oz of apple juice I had purchased at the farmers market. Matter of fact all my veggies in the salad came from the farmers market.

Tips: Salads are like bonus foods. You can fill yourself up with a healthy salad but with minimal calories. Just chop up as many veggies you have on hand. Use an olive or hemp oil and a little balsamic vinaigrette and add a few seeds and you are all set to have an amazing salad experience. Hard boiled eggs make a great addition to a salad if you are looking for some extra protein without eating meat.

So that’s my day 1 complete. I finished the day off with an hour long yoga class and am ready for some sweet dreams. One thing I want to mention is that I drink a TON of water throughout the day. Drinking water all day is one of the easiest things you can do to take steps towards a healthy lifestyle.

Alright, see you all tomorrow with a whole new batch of photos and info. Thanks for reading!
Much Love,