What a Personal Trainer Eats: Day 2 of 7

What a Personal Trainer Eats: Day 2 | The Wellness Doer
This post is a follow up to a previous post. If you are just now reading this you might want to start with the first post.

Day 2… Just fyi… I did eat a burrito, so now when you get to that point of the post you wont be shocked… continue…

Veggie Scramble with 1/2 Lemon Poppyseed Muffin, OJ, and Coffee Fix Mix
So before you think that I ate just a regular full fat muffin let me tell you what it was made with: organic eggs, grape seed oil, coconut flour, raw wild honey, fresh lemon juice, flaxseed meal, poppy seeds, water, fresh lemon zest, baking soda and salt. Pretty amazing huh. I didn’t make it but I’m gonna learn how! The egg scramble: two eggs (one whole, one white), spinach, mushrooms and avocado. Sprinkled with a little cumin and coriander. OJ, same as yesterday and the coffee fix is something I briefly talked about here.

Tips: Eat your biggest meal in the morning. I also tell my clients to eat their carbs in the morning instead of at night. You’ll burn through them if you eat them in the morning and your body doesn’t need the energy from carbs at night if you sleep at a reasonable time.

Manna Bread with Labneh
I wanted just a small snack and a reason to eat the labneh that I had made, so I ate it on a pice of manna bread. You can find the labneh recipe here… sooo easy to make.

Tip: For a morning time snack you can still be safe with carbs if you need the energy. I like the manna bread because it is really dense and high in fiber. Other great snacks are carrots and hummus, almonds or other nuts (not salted), green juice, or a protein shake.

Carnitas California Burrito
See… no so shocked now that you knew it was coming. Yep, I did eat a California Burrito with Carnitas. I was craving it so I ate it. It was a small one but still not the best thing for me, but still yummy. Just so you know what is in a California burrito… meat, sour cream, french fries (I know, I know), and guacamole all wrapped up in a tortilla.

Tips: Sometimes you are going to eat something that is not good for you and that’s ok. The best thing to do is to not feel guilty or mad at yourself. Enjoy it and resume with healthy food the next meal. As long as you’re not eating crap every day all day you’ll be fine.

An apple is an apple is an apple, but mine was organic from the farmer’s market.

Tip: Fruit makes an excellent snack! We all know this, just make sure it’s in season and organic.

Roasted Veggies and Vegetarian Sausage
Since I ate so much meat at lunch I went vegetarian for dinner. I roasted up some asparagus, carrots, zucchini, green beans, and mushrooms with a little grape seed oil and minced garlic. The sausages are soy free and made from seitan and veggies.

Tips: If you are a meat eater and would recommend to eat at least one if not two vegetarian meals a day. Meat takes a long time to digest and if we consume too much of it it is really hard on our bodies.

Chocolate Hemp Milk with Maca Powder and Coconut Milk
I was wanting something sweet so I whipped up this combo. I just heated the hemp milk, mixed in some maca powder and added about a tablespoon of powdered coconut milk. Healthy and just enough sweet to satisfy.

Tip: If you do crave sweets, especially chocolate, there are plenty of healthy chocolate nut milks available. They make great hot chocolates. I like to add maca to mine for an added superfood punch! Or you can blend it up with some frozen banana to create an “ice-cream” like treat.

That’s it for me today. I didn’t get a chance to workout but I did do a lot of house cleaning… which is like a workout so I’m going to count it. Tomorrow shall be interesting given it’s my busiest day at work. Alright… see you tomorrow!!

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