What a Personal Trainer Eats

Just so you know… I did not eat the giant Mickey sourdough head.

Now that that’s been cleared, I’ve got to say that two of the most questions I get asked is “what do I eat” and “what do I do for my workouts”. Well let me take you into a trainers world… All trainers are different, we all have our own routines and ways of eating. The following is the way that I practice. Take what you want from it – if you want help figuring out what works for you, email me and we’ll talk about it.

Sunday through Friday my way of eating is pretty simple and consistent. Saturday is my cheat day. During the week I start my day off with either of two breakfast choices:
1. One egg scrambled with at least 5 veggies (mushrooms, broccolii, asparagus, zucchini, kale, etc.) and a half of avocado.
2. Steamed veggies (at least 5) and quinoa with a half of avocado. I usually add some celtic sea salt, pepper, and a little sriracha in with the mix. Delicious…

Mid-Morning Snack and Lunch. I eat really early in the morning (6:00 am), oh and I wake up early enough so I can prepare my breakfast as well, so I’m usually hungry around 10/11:00 am. I’ll munch on a KIND Foods Bar or a Perfect Foods Bar and drink my greens (I use Amazing Grass Green Super Food powder and add it to water). Then a few hours later it’s lunch time which mostly just consists of a ton of veggies. I sometimes will pick up an all veggie and salmon sushi roll from Whole Foods or go home and make a salad using either kale or spinach as my base. I’ll add a ton of veggies (raw), half of avocado, and olive oil for the dressing. On the days I don’t eat quinoa for breakfast I’ll sometimes cook up a small sweet potato and add that in there as well.

Dinner is pretty much steamed veggies and fish. Sometimes I’ll have chicken, but maybe only twice a week. If I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to cook, I’ll grab some soup from Whole Foods. And that’s pretty much it. If I get hungry through the day I’ll snack on almonds or veggies and hummus. If I crave something sweet I’ll eat a couple dates or drink some coconut water.

I do love my coffee though, so a few days out of the week I’ll grab a coffee but only when I can have it made with almond milk. As you can see – I avoid gluten, dairy, and soy. I do have a sweet tooth and avoiding sugars seems to be the hardest for me but the less I eat it the less I crave it, plus that’s what cheat day is for.

Cheat day. Cheat day is the best thing ever. No rules, just eat whatever you are craving. If you are eating good through out the week though, you’ll find when cheat day rolls around you’re not going to want to fill your stomach with yucky foods. For me I’ll usually have a big pancake and egg breakfast. I will sometimes make gluten free pancakes at home. And I always have to have 2 carnitas tacos at least once a week (on corn tortillas and no cheese). I will most likely always have a cupcake on cheat day as well.

See… nothing crazy. Just a lot of veggies, minimal protein, and healthy fats. Pretty balanced.

My workouts aren’t all that crazy either. I make sure to do something that gets me moving everyday. When I’m at the gym I’ll do 2 – 3 days of weight training (usually full body). I’ll do high intensity cardio twice a week, like sprints, and low intensity the rest of the week. I’m not normally a fan of cardio machines but when I walk on the treadmill I find that’s the only time I have to read. So I’ll walk at a speed at which I can read but still break a sweat (3.5 – 3.6) and on a incline of 5 or 6. On the weekends I may hike, rock climb, practice yoga, go dancing, walk on the beach, or all of the above. I also walk my dogs most everyday, even if I’ve already worked out.

Some other healthy habits I practice include taking a fish oil supplement everyday, drinking tons of water, parking further from the store so I can walk, taking the stairs, meditating, and getting my full nights sleep (so important), and also letting go of negativity and choosing love instead – which makes a huge difference in your health.

So there you have it. My wellness routine for you to pick at and take what you need. I’ll go into detail about some things that I mentioned in future posts and will also have a guest writer who’s a nutritionist write about some fun nutrition stuff. Be patient, more good stuff to come. Till then – Be Healthy and Choose Wellness. xo