What Are You Thinking?

What Are You Thinking | The Wellness Doer

What is the definition of affirmation – “the action or process of affirming or being affirmed”. No where in that definition does it say an affirmation is positive, yet we tend to think that they are. An affirmation can be un-suppportive just as much as it can be supportive. With that said… what are you telling yourself?

What ARE you telling yourself? Jonathan often asks us that question in yoga class and I am instantly reminded of all the wonderful things I wish for in my life and the life of others and repeat to myself what I want for my life. Because everything we say to ourselves, E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G, is an affirmation. Whether good or bad.

In regards to your body and health… what do you say to yourself when you look in the mirror, or when you are tired and don’t want to workout? I’m fat, I’m too tired, I’m lazy, I’ll be stronger one day. All those examples are common things I hear people say about themselves and they are all affirmations that are being “affirmed” over and over again. “I’ll be stronger one day”… how about “I am strong now”. Think about what you say to yourself and change those un-supporting sayings into supporting ones… “I’m healthy, I’m full of energy, I’m motivated”… those sounds so much lighter right?! Just keep saying them over and over and every time you catch yourself saying a negative affirmation and you will notice that it will change the way you start to think. As soon as you know it you are healthy, energized and motivated.

Something that I also do is say things that I am striving for… for example… My blog is extremely successful, I am wealthy, I am unlimitedly abundant, I am a world traveler, I am inspired, I have youthful, radiant skin, I have a perfect body, I am Goddess… I could keep going for days, but I’ll spare you and let you think of some for yourself. I especially love to do this out loud when I’m driving. I also go through the things I’m grateful for. I find that I don’t get frustrated with traffic or lame drivers… by putting my attention to the positive and enlightening things, life is automatically brighter.

Really pay attention to what you are thinking. Maybe make a post-it note and put it on your mirror or computer… that way you have a reminder. What are you thinking? Is it serving you and others? If not toss it aside and replace it with something that lifts you up. Remember… It’s just like working out a muscle, the more you work at it, the stronger it gets.

So I want to know… what are some things you tell yourself?

Thanks for reading!!!